Stephanie Laurer


  • hometown

    Bristol, CT

  • lives in

    Brookline, MA

  • current position

    Clinical Research Assistant II
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

How did Suffolk help you decide on a career path?

"I had a very influential professor, Melanie Berkmen. I worked with her biochem lab all four years. My initial desire was to get my PhD in biochemistry and work in a bench research lab. I had many internships at Novartis and MIT, and I started to see some pre-clinical work. Seeing its more direct impact on patients got me really excited to try clinical."

What do you like the most about your current role?

"I actually work with patients. I help doctors implement clinical trials, usually with medications not yet approved by the FDA. So I see patients, go over drug administration, go over their history and how they’re feeling on the drug, take their vital signs, draw blood. There’s a lot of contact with patients."

What’s the coolest perk of your job?

"Going to actual transplants. When a study patient is called in for a liver transplant, I might get called in the middle of the night. I get called into the OR to take a specimen of the old liver. I get to see the entire transplant. It’s a really awesome part of my job. I thought I’d be in a lab playing with cells for the rest of my life."

Your optimal breakfast choice to start the workday?

"I’m definitely a coffee person, not really a breakfast person."


Stephanie has been accepted into Northeastern's Master's program in Physician Assistant Studies. She will be starting there in August 2014, and in a short time will be a licensed PA.

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Bio Chemistry

department, where things really came together for Stephanie.