The Suffolk University Health, Wellness, and Counseling Center is located in the Stahl Bldg, 73 Tremont Street in Boston. 

This is between the Government Center T stop and the Park Street T stop. The Center is on the 5th floor (take a left out of the elevator).

Health and Wellness Center phone: (617) 573-8260

Counseling Center phone: (617) 573-8226

To obtain medical attention if you believe you have an emergency:

  • On campus - First, dial 9-911 from a campus phone, 911 from a non-campus phone. Then, notify Suffolk University Police at extension 8111, or 617-573-8111, that you have called for an ambulance and provide the location where the medical emergency exists. Suffolk University Police will guide the EMTs to the correct location as well as come to the location to offer assistance.
  • Off campus - dial 911