Learning to Lean Into Change

Ilda's Suffolk Story looks back at four years of discovering opportunities all around Suffolk's campus.

Choosing to Rise to the Challenge

Domenico's Suffolk Story talks about his experience in the entrepreneurship program at Suffolk.

Living an Unforgettable Experience

Melis's Suffolk Story looks at her experience as dual program graduate student and the opportunities she pursued at Suffolk.

Carving New Pathways for Herself and Others

Jocelyn's Suffolk Story looks at her experience as a woman of color in STEM and her many involvements on campus.

Growing Into a Model Leader

Erisa's Suffolk Story looks at her journey as an international student becoming a leader on campus.

Leading Change for the Greater Good

Mohammed's Suffolk Story looks at his journey to the United States and Suffolk, overcoming obstacles and learning the whole way.

Writing a Life Story Worth Reading

Hunter's Suffolk Story talks about the many avenues and opportunities he took at Suffolk to tell stories.

Welcoming the Next Suffolk Chapter

Collin's Suffolk Story talks his involvement on campus with student activities and how it transitioned him to a first job.

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