Changing Campus Life and the Lives of Others

Alexia's Suffolk Story focuses on her creating space for off-campus students on campus and her leadership opportunities.

Paving The Way For Others and For His Future

Brandon's Suffolk Story focuses on his involvement on campus and the Asian American Student Association.

Finding Her Place and Her People

Christina's Suffolk Story focuses on her experience of finding and building community, in Boston and in Madrid.

Redefining Herself and Public Policy

Leah's Suffolk Story focuses on her experience in public policy research and in finding her voice.

Taking On The Impossible

Clevis's Suffolk Story talks about his motivation to succeed in college.

Living Up To Her Leadership Potential

Laurel's Suffolk Story explores how her involvement on campus helped her reach her leadership potential.

Making Her Voice Heard

Jo'lise's Suffolk Story explores her push to have her voice heard—figuratively and literally—on campus.

Discovering A Better Version of Herself

Karine's Suffolk Story explores her journey of self-discovery over her first two years at Suffolk University.

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