From Worms to Humans

Student’s lab experience brings realization that medicine is her calling.

Poll: Voters Don’t Believe President Trump’s Denials of Campaign Collusion with Russia

Suffolk University/USA Today survey shows majority oppose government shutdown & would place blame on Trump.

Relationships between Brain Shape and Behavior

Professor Eugenia Gold publishes comparative study of bird and dinosaur brains in "BMC Evolutionary Biology."

Political TV Ads' Impact

Government Professor Elena Llaudet's award-winning study shows that a negative tone in political advertising can dampen voter turnout.

Research Based on Personal Histories

Sawyer Library acquires Freedmen’s Bureau collection that reveals details from the lives of formerly enslaved Americans

The Science Is Clear on Long-Term Effects of Child-Family Separation

Parent-child separations, such as those at the U.S. border in recent months, lead to long-term psychological, social, and health problems that are not necessarily resolved upon reunification, says a brief coauthored by Psychology Chair Amy Marks

Uncovering Clues to a “Medical Mystery”

Biochemical research collaboration involves student, professor & MGH team

Grant Funds Research on “Mentor Magnets” Effort

Psychology professor works to empower first-generation college students

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