Duck Boats and GOATs


It's quite a celebration when more than a million New England fans come to our campus—students get a front row seat for victory parades that cut right through Boston. Classes are cancelled out of necessity, camaraderie abounds, and the entire city lines the streets to see the champions.

Julian Edelman on the Duck Boat, pointing out to the Suffolk crowd at the parade.

Aerial shot of Duck Boats driving by Suffolk University.

Bill Belichick rolling through Suffolk University campus while standing in Duck Boat during victory parade.

Tom Brady pointing to the crowd at the Patriots Parade in front of Suffolk University.

Bud light guy at the Patriots parade. 

Edelman pumping up the crowd in front of the Suffolk building at the Patriots Parade.

Student holding a goat in honor of the GOAT, Tom Brady at the Patriots Parade.

Suffolk students outside of Park Street stop, getting ready for Patriots parade to roll by.

Suffolk students standing outside of campus building while waiting for parade.

Suffolk students getting ready for the Patriots parade, standing outside of 73 Tremont Street.

Van Noy pointing to Suffolk students as he's driving through campus during Super Bowl parade.

Suffolk campus decorations showing their Patriots pride.


We had seven photographers at the parade—check out our Facebook gallery to see some of our favorite pictures out of the thousands taken.