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Suffolk University's Alumni Association serves all graduates of the College of Arts & Sciences, the Sawyer Business School, and Suffolk University Law School, as well as the Madrid Campus. With close to 90,000 graduates across a spectrum of careers and geographic regions, your Suffolk alumni network can help expand your social and professional reach.

Keeping in touch and staying involved with your fellow Suffolk alumni is easy to do on social media, through volunteer opportunities, and other special events. Plus, as a lifelong Ram, you’re eligible for benefits like alumni scholarships, tuition discounts, career services and support, and much more.

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Preparing for the Resumption of Student Loan Repayment

The Supreme Court’s ruling on the Biden administration’s debt cancellation program and other legislative actions have established the date for the resumption of federal student loan repayment. Federal student loan repayment will begin in October 2023. Borrowers will be contacted by their loan servicers regarding the exact due dates, options to process payments and other items related to repayment. In preparation, borrowers should review this information [PDF] to ensure successful repayment. Additionally, borrowers should review the existing repayment options [PDF] and enroll in the best program prior to the resumption of repayment.