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Students talking on Samia Center staircase shot from above

Suffolk Today


00:05 Suffolk University is driving us forward

00:08 as a city as a Commonwealth and as a

00:11 country reminding the rest of the nation

00:14 about how much can be achieved through

00:16 prioritizing and investing in higher

00:18 education

00:52 Suffolk calls on students to think

00:54 themselves as citizens active members of

00:57 our society people who shape our future

01:26 to know so many people from all around

01:28 the world and be able to enjoy this

01:30 wonderful city it has been a fantastic

01:32 experience

01:45 one of the biggest goals of our

01:46 marketing department is to incorporate

01:48 as many experiential projects as

01:51 possible

02:00 we approached Suffolk because we felt that

02:03 the students would have a lot of insight

02:05 on how we could improve our business

02:16 giving Suffolk in the city and being

02:17 live on NECN it's a college student for

02:20 all of New England that's an opportunity

02:21 that I will remember for the rest of my

02:23 life

02:37 we are Suffolk University and we are a

02:41 powerful force for good oh absolutely

02:47 we are so privileged to be exposed to an

02:51 environment with the ultimate aim of

02:53 creating a well-rounded individuals with

02:56 an insatiable passion for life

02:59 and happiness