Strategic Plan

At Suffolk University, we are driven by the power of education, inclusion, and engagement to change lives and positively impact communities.

Our students move with the pulse of the city, embracing the limitless learning, career development, and service opportunities that surround them. As we embark on a new strategic planning process, our community embraces the chance to better understand our advantages, our challenges, and our opportunities.

The Suffolk 2025 strategic plan was guided by our mission, by the changing landscape in which higher education exists, and the changing world our graduates face. The plan focuses on our strengths and opportunities in experience-based learning, career readiness, and adaptability. It outlines ways we will build an even stronger and more inclusive Suffolk community and enhance our reputation. And it calls for maximizing our urban, downtown campus and ensuring that we have the resources needed to invest in these strategic areas.

Now, as we look to the future of Suffolk's continued local and global impact, the University is proud to announce our collaborative progress towards our next strategic plan.

Strategic Planning Teams

Close to 100 faculty and staff were selected through a nomination process in early 2024 to serve on Strategic Planning Teams. Each co-chaired by an administrator and faculty member, these teams will work through the spring and summer of 2024 to develop a series of initiatives related to the strategic plan's themes.

These themes are:

Ariel Markelevich, co-chair, Accounting
Michelle Quinlan, co-chair, Budget and Finance
Abu Jalal, Finance
Dennis Harkins, Student Affairs
Mark Nestor, Information Technology
Pat Shin, Law School

Dave Merry, co-chair, Center for Career Equity, Development, and Success
Jodi Nevola, co-chair, Advertising, Public Relations, and Social Media
Jerry Slater, Law School Office of Professional and Career Development
Rich Miller, English
Shari Worthington, Management and Entrepreneurship

Cherina Wright, co-chair, Student Affairs
Rachael Cobb, co-chair, Political Science and Legal Studies
Ann Santos, Student Affairs
Bryan Trabold, English
Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber, Communications and Journalism
Tom Dorer, General Counsel

Felicia Wiltz, co-chair, Sociology and Criminal Justice
Joyya Smith, co-chair, Diversity, Access, and Inclusion
Cherina Wright, Student Affairs
Dyebo Shabalala, Law School
Heather Hewitt, Sawyer Business School
Jamie Bondar, Center for Learning and Academic Success
Wilgens Gabriel, Human Resources

Donna Grand Pre, co-chair, Enrollment
Erin Trauth, co-chair, English
Josh Holmes, Institutional Research and Assessment
Pat Shin, Law School
Pelin Bicen, Sawyer Business School
Peter Fowler, Office of the Provost

Kim McLaurin, co-chair, Law School
Mark Almeida, co-chair, Management and Entrepreneurship
Boris Lazic, Administration and Operations
Jacky Nyamwanda, Biology
Sarah Boonin, Law School
Trina Bryant, Center for Community Engagement

Bobbi Van Gilder, co-chair, Communications and Journalism
Rashida Constantine, co-chair, Human Resources
Amanda Patel, Management and Entrepreneurship
Janice Baker, Human Resources
Lauren Bowen, Human Resources
Michael Dello Iacono, University Archives
Shailini George, Law School

Karin Klim, co-chair, Institutional Advancement
Sarah Boonin, co-chair, Law School
Cary McConnell, Athletics
Denise Pinney, Institutional Advancement
Joyya Smith, Diversity, Access, and Inclusion
Tracey Riley, Sawyer Business School

Marjorie Salvodon, co-chair, College of Arts & Sciences
Sokol Celo, co-chair, Strategy and International Business
Amy Ewen, Center for International Education
Hayley Schiebel, Environmental Science
Jessica Murray, Office of the Provost
Raffi Murroy, International Admissions

Edie Sparks, co-chair, College of Arts and Science
Skip Perham, co-chair, Sports Management
Barbara Abrams, History, Language, and Global Culture
Gary Fireman, Office of the Provost
Kim McLaurin, Law School
Roxana Morse, Marketing and Communications

Aimee Williamson, co-chair, Public Service and Healthcare Administration
Andy Perlman, co-chair, Law School
Anupam Singh, Network Operations
Chaim Letwin, Management and Entrepreneurship
Greg Bordelon, Political Science and Legal Studies
Jodi Detjen, Sawyer Business School
Micky Lee, College of Arts & Sciences
Rachael Kipp, Office of the Provost

Andrew Smith, co-chair, Marketing
Greg Gatlin, co-chair, Marketing and Communications
Amanda McGrath, Student Affairs
Kim Ring, Marketing
Roxana Morse, Marketing and Communications
Yahya Shamekhi, Institutional Research and Assessment

Amy Zeng, co-chair, Sawyer Business School
David Colarusso, co-chair, Law School
Brenda Bond, Public Service and Healthcare Administration
Gregory Heald, Sawyer Library
Michal Ben-Josef Hirsch, Political Science and Legal Studies
Mike Mullahy, Research and Sponsored Programs

Annette McGehee, co-chair, Biology
Boris Lazic, co-chair, Administration and Operations
Ashley Lindsey, Facilities
Brian McDermott, Events and Engagement
Dave DeAngelis, Associate Dean of Students
Jeff Rhind, Media Services
Lauren Campbell, External Affairs

Laura Ferrari, co-chair, Student Affairs
Russell Seidle, co-chair, Strategy and International Business
Alina Choo, Division of Student Success
Gina Doherty, Technology Support
Marissa Pierre, Student Leadership and Involvement
Nichole Vatcher, Psychology
Sarah Mellen, Marketing
Sharon Lenzie, College of Arts and Sciences
Stephanie Kendall, Counseling, Health, and Wellness

Suffolk University graduates at the 2024 College of Arts & Sciences Commencement Ceremony. 

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