Undergraduate Admission

You’re not looking for a traditional college experience. This isn’t one.

You're not a kid. You’re not naive. You're curious. You're passionate. You’re ready. You know this world needs to change and want to be the one to do it.

Suffolk student Akhila talks with friends at a table in Seaport.

What you need are the resources and guidance to make your vision a reality. You need cutting-edge skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and leadership—all in a global context for the world you’ll help create.

You don't need to prepare for the real world. You need to prepare to make your mark on it. 

The Office of Undergraduate Admission will help you every step of the way. We’ll show you everything from our vibrant campus in downtown Boston and our 70+ academic programs to our global opportunities and student organizations.

Suffolk students Cam and Katelyn pose for a portrait at Underground At Inkblock.

Check out our upcoming undergraduate admission events and campus visit options for a preview of where your Suffolk University journey might take you. And when you're ready, apply to Suffolk and learn more about our new test-optional policy. If you're a first-generation student (i.e., your parent(s) did not receive a bachelor's degree), you'll automatically receive a $1,000 scholarship. 

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Launch Point: Boston

A Suffolk Student Standing in a Cavern in Barbados 

The Journey

The Journey Leadership Program is a one-of-a-kind student club. Follow our students through experiences around the globe.

Two Suffolk students connecting electric wires in the frame of a house during a Habitat for Humanity trip in Asia. 

An Education in Humanity

Service learning is integral to the Suffolk experience. Suffolk students build connections that improve the lives of others.

Suffolk student Gabriela poses for a portrait holding a notebook sitting in the INTO Suffolk lobby. 

The Dream and The Drive

Gearing up for law school, Gabriella Soto Cotto looks back on her path to Suffolk and through the halls of Congress.

A Suffolk student stands for a portrait on Fan Pier in Boston.

It Starts Now


00:02   We are here to define the future.


00:04   We are here to push for progress


00:06   and raise the bar.


00:07   For you,


00:08   for me,


00:09   for all.


00:10   It all starts here at Suffolk University.


00:16   Between the skyscrapers and monuments,


00:19   right in the heart of Boston,


00:21   we become our best selves.


00:23   In a city where history houses today,


00:25   We learn,


00:26   we play,


00:27   we grow


00:28   for tomorrow.


00:29   Suffolk's students aspire to inspire.


00:31   We don't have time for the status quo


00:33   or the way things have always been done.


00:35   Successes is however we determine it.


00:37   We explore,


00:38   we innovate,


00:39   we lead.


00:41   Your education won't just happen in the classroom.


00:44   You'll work with cutting edge companies in Boston,


00:46   collaborate with key organizations across the country,


00:49   and travel with purpose all over the world.


00:52   You'll roll up your sleeves and make an impact.


00:56   Suffolk University is a powerful force for good,


00:59   and our community's diversity has always been its strength.


01:03   Here you aren't just another college student.


01:05   You're a Ram.


01:07   You're welcomed,


01:08   you're supported,


01:09   you're heard.


01:10   Choose your challenge and take action.


01:13   Come live your major and get things done.


01:16   We're ready. And so are you.


01:18   The future is hers,


01:19   his,


01:20   theirs,


01:21   yours,


01:22   ours.


01:23   And it starts now.

The Suffolk Experience

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