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To our school counseling partners: On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students at Suffolk University, thank you for all you do. The guidance you provide during the college selection process is so valuable—and we look forward to our continued partnership.
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Suffolk Today


00:00 [Music]

00:05 Suffolk University is driving us forward as a city as a Commonwealth and as a

00:11 country reminding the rest of the nation about how much can be achieved through

00:16 prioritizing and investing in higher education

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00:52 something calls on students to think themselves as citizens active members of

00:57 our society people who shape our future

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01:26 to know so many people from all around the world and be able to enjoy this

01:30 wonderful city it has been a fantastic experience

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01:45 one of the biggest goals of our marketing department is to incorporate

01:48 as many experience alluring projects as possible

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02:00 we approach summit because we felt that the students would have a lot of insight

02:05 on how we could improve our business

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02:16 giving Suffolk in the city and being live on NECN it's a college student for

02:20 all of New England that's an opportunity that I will remember for the rest of my life

02:26 [Music]

02:37 we are Suffolk University and we are a powerful force for good oh absolutely

02:47 we are so privileged to be exposed to an environment with the ultimate aim of

02:53 creating a well-rounded individuals with an insatiable passion for life and happiness

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Suffolk University Book Award 2021

The Suffolk University Book Award is given to a student who exemplifies a commitment to their education and school community.

At this time, the May 1 deadline for nominating a student has passed. If you are interested in selecting one of your juniors for the Suffolk University Book Award, please email us your request or call us at 617-573-8460.

What's New at Suffolk?

At Suffolk University we are driven by the power of education, inclusion, and engagement to change lives and positively impact communities. Committed to excellence, we provide students with experiential and transformational learning opportunities that begin in the center of Boston, reach across the globe, and lead to extraordinary outcomes for our graduates.

Our New Residence Hall

Suffolk’s newest residence hall is also Boston’s first skyscraper. Completed in 1893, the Ames Building at One Court Street is a Romanesque tower that, at 14 stories, qualified as the city’s tallest building until the construction of the nearby Custom House Tower 20 years later. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places and an officially designated Boston landmark, the Ames has lived many lives, as an office building, boutique hotel, and now as a home for Suffolk University undergraduates.

It is important to the University to provide our students with two years of guaranteed housing on our core downtown campus, and we know that it's important to you, your students and their families as well. The support that students receive in their first two years is critical to their educational success; we are committed to ensuring that we provide a residential environment where students will thrive, in addition to providing outstanding resources for students who choose to live at home.

Our Test-Optional Policy

We’d like a holistic view of the academic and intellectual accomplishments of our applicants, and we want to know what makes them unique. If your students have test scores that they feel accurately display their academic potential and can strengthen their application, we welcome them to submit scores. Our test-optional policy allows students to make the best decision for them in the admission process. Learn more about Suffolk University's Test-Optional Policy.

Virtual Group Visits

We are excited to host virtual group visits for secondary school counselors and their students. Each group visit will include a student – led virtual campus tour utilizing our virtual map and optional information session. We offer application fee waivers for all students in attendance to use when applying to Suffolk. Group visits are offered Monday – Friday upon request.

Please visit our Group Visit Request Page to schedule a virtual group visit.

Suffolk 101 

  • Suffolk educates 4,983 undergraduate students who represent 46 states and 94 countries
  • 94% of new undergraduate students enrolling in the fall of 2020 received a scholarship
  • We have 19 varsity athletic teams at the NCAA DIII level
  • The Honors Program provides Suffolk's most highly qualified and promising students with an unparalleled opportunity for growth and achievement
  • 20,000+ community service hours were performed by students last year
  • 99% of Suffolk graduates are working or in graduate school within one year of graduation

Suffolk in Madrid

Suffolk's branch campus in Madrid, Spain provides an extraordinary opportunity for students to either start their studies or study abroad during their college career. Incoming first year students can spend up to two years in Madrid (depending on their major) before making the internal transfer to Boston to complete their degree. International Relations majors can even complete all four years in Madrid if they wish.

Students follow the American-style, liberal arts curriculum with the added advantage of cultural and linguistic immersion by living and learning in this exciting European capital city. Field trips to top museums, experiential learning opportunities and internships give Suffolk Madrid students an enhanced world view and a competitive edge. Applicants can select their preferred campus location (Boston or Madrid) on their application form.

Admission Review Process

Suffolk University provides a holistic review of all applicants, and understands that each student has their own unique story. Learn more about our admission guidelines, our policy for advanced credits, as well as the flexible ways we accept standardized test scores for those who want them included in their application.

International School Counselors

Suffolk is proud of its diverse student body that includes 20% international students from over 98 different countries. Suffolk's admission team includes dedicated staff for our international applicants to guide them through every step of the admissions process. Our test-flexible policy reduces the barriers for international students to apply to Suffolk.

International applicants do not need to submit an SAT/ACT; however, an English proficiency exam such as the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test is required for applicants whose first language is not English. Students with questions about our testing policy, or who believe that their curriculum may qualify them for a test waiver, should complete this form. International students can receive assistance from the International Student Services Office (ISSO) for everything from visa applications to adjusting to life in the US.

We encourage school counselors to join Slate.org—a portal for School Counselors that allows you to submit documents and track your applicants with us and other schools that use Slate. Additional documents can be emailed to us by a school official.

Our admission staff is here to help you every step of the way during the admission process.

Please contact the Undergraduate Admission office with any questions or requests by email or by phone at 617-573-8460.