College is a one-of-a kind experience. You want to learn new things, explore different interests and see where it takes you. But you also want to see how you fit into this ever-changing world, both as a person and a future professional.

At Suffolk University, you can take in all there is around you, choose your own adventures, and experience as much as you learn.

Located in the heart of downtown Boston, Suffolk University campus, and students, are woven into the very fabric of the city itself. You are part of what brings the city to life each and every day when you head to class in Downtown Crossing, hop the T to Copley, or lie out in Boston Common. In a city full of Fortune 500 companies and booming with tech and wall to wall startups, learning experiences are all around—just one of the many reasons students around the world come to study in Boston at Suffolk.

Inside the classroom is whole other world just waiting to be tapped. Explore our 60+ programs and 300+ courses—check out our Course Catalog to see what piques your interests. As for the classes themselves, smaller and lower teacher student ratios are much more our speed, as there's no getting lost in a sea of faces here. What really sets Suffolk apart from other universities in Boston: the professors. Yes, they have the credentials and pedigree we’d expect at a leading university. Many also are leading practitioners in their fields, respected members of their industry and business communities, and individuals who push the boundaries of learning outside the classroom into real-life.

It’s this one-of-a kind living and learning experience at Suffolk University in Boston that brings in students from around the globe. With 59 Study Abroad locations across 25 countries, a campus in Madrid, Spain, and 22% international students in Boston, Suffolk is a truly global university. Here, you’ll experience the city locally while opening your mind globally. So if you’re looking for a university that will challenge your mind and fill your heart, it’s here at Suffolk University.

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