International Students

A global education in the United States

Nearly one in seven Suffolk students come from outside the United States. Given our experience and continued global presence, we are experts at helping students adjust to their new home away from home.

Spring Admission & Financial Aid December 1
Early Action Fall Admission November 15
Fall Admission (Priority) February 15
Priority Fall Financial Aid March 1

  • Common Application or Suffolk Application
  • Application fee or fee waiver (waived when you visit in person or virtually)
  • Essay/personal statement
  • Official secondary school transcript (in English)
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Proof of English proficiency via one official score report, learn more about our testing-flexible options

Art & Design Applicants must provide a portfolio of artwork.

Transfer Applicants must also provide an official university/college transcript(s).

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Study in the Heart of Boston

At Suffolk, you can experience an American education at a university ranked one of the “Best National Universities” by U.S. News & World Report 2022-2023 Best Colleges list.

Going to school in an international city means you'll have access to cultural centers, Fortune 500 companies, historic landmarks, and a wealth of other educational and extracurricular activities. Suffolk students live their education every day—and each has his or her own story of learning and thriving in Boston.

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A student speaks with a career counselor in Suffolk's Career Center.

You have big aspirations—we’re here to help make them real

The Center for Career Equity, Development & Success provides the skills and resources you’ll need to take your ambitions beyond graduation into the working world. Our expert staff will help you choose your major, find internships, apply to graduate programs, and land the perfect job. And they’ll be in your corner throughout your career, offering consulting and job search services whenever you need them.

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Suffolk University: A Global Institution

Transcript 0:00 About 50,000
0:04 International students arrive here in
0:06 Boston every year so there is this
0:08 diversity of representation from all
0:10 over the world. Uh, at Suffolk over 90
0:13 countries are typically represented over our
0:14 student body, so, so that to me always is
0:17 diversity the city of Boston in itself.
0:19 Apart from the campus is super diverse
0:21 so just walking around town and like,
0:23 being in this environment, you, you don't
0:26 really feel like you're an outsider. You
0:28 feel like you know you're in a place,
0:29 you're mixing you're doing things and uh,
0:31 and I can tell you as like a person did
0:34 not grow up here coming here like I
0:36 didn't feel that bad in terms of culture
0:38 shock or like anxiety because I just
0:41 felt like I was already part of
0:42 something. A lot of the faculty are
0:45 international a lot of the staff as well
0:48 is International and we have supporting
0:51 groups, programs like academic advising.
0:54 We also have tutoring and we help a lot
0:58 of the students in getting adjusted to
1:00 the culture. At Suffolk I've met a lot of
1:03 people from all around the world I've
1:04 met people from Indonesia, Greece,
1:06 Guatemala, Sudan, Morocco, really
1:09 everywhere and I know that I've learned
1:11 a lot through those like interpersonal
1:13 relationships that I don't think I would
1:15 have gotten anywhere else. But I feel very
1:17 safe here you are safe here and the
1:19 school does a lot there's all these
1:21 resources around from them and they
1:23 always want to make sure you're safe.