Suffolk is more than a university. We’re a community where students’ academic, professional, and personal goals are recognized, nurtured, and achieved.

We proudly welcome students from all walks of life and make sure they find a home in our inclusive community. Once they’re here, they unlock a world of opportunities, thanks to our student-centered campus resources—including our robust Center for Career Equity, Development & Success—and our exciting downtown housing options. We’re committed to offering students a truly transformative education and to keeping it as affordable as possible. 

The Suffolk experience doesn’t just change students’ lives. It empowers them to change their world. 

Students in Boston Common with arms around each other

Suffolk Today


00:00 (upbeat music)
00:06 - Suffolk University is driving us forward
00:09 as a city, as a Commonwealth and as a country,
00:12 reminding the rest of the nation,
00:14 about how much can you achieve through prioritizing
00:17 and investing in higher education.
00:19 (upbeat music continues)
00:53 - Suffolk calls on students to think of themselves
00:55 as citizens, active members of our society,
00:58 people who shape our future.
01:27 - To know so many people
01:28 from all around the world and be able
01:29 to enjoy this wonderful city
01:31 it has been a fantastic experience.
01:46 - One of the biggest goals
01:46 of our marketing department is to incorporate
01:49 as many experiential learning projects as possible.
02:01 - We approached Suffolk
02:02 because we felt that the students
02:03 would have a lot of insight
02:05 on how we could improve our business.
02:16 - Doing Suffolk in the City and being live on NECN
02:19 as a college student for all of New England
02:21 that's an opportunity that I will remember
02:23 for the rest of my life.
02:38 - We are Suffolk University
02:40 and we are a powerful force for good.
02:43 (audience applause)
02:46 - All at Suffolk, we are so privileged
02:50 to be exposed to an environment with the ultimate aim
02:53 of creating well rounded individuals
02:56 with an insatiable passion for life, success and happiness.
03:0100:05 Suffolk University is driving us forward

00:08 as a city as a Commonwealth and as a

00:11 country reminding the rest of the nation

00:14 about how much can be achieved through

00:16 prioritizing and investing in higher

00:18 education

00:52 Suffolk calls on students to think

00:54 themselves as citizens active members of

00:57 our society people who shape our future

01:26 to know so many people from all around

01:28 the world and be able to enjoy this

01:30 wonderful city it has been a fantastic

01:32 experience

01:45 one of the biggest goals of our

01:46 marketing department is to incorporate

01:48 as many experiential projects as

01:51 possible

02:00 we approached Suffolk because we felt that

02:03 the students would have a lot of insight

02:05 on how we could improve our business

02:16 giving Suffolk in the city and being

02:17 live on NECN it's a college student for

02:20 all of New England that's an opportunity

02:21 that I will remember for the rest of my

02:23 life

02:37 we are Suffolk University and we are a

02:41 powerful force for good oh absolutely

02:47 we are so privileged to be exposed to an

02:51 environment with the ultimate aim of

02:53 creating a well-rounded individuals with

02:56 an insatiable passion for life

02:59 and happiness

Application Deadlines

Spring Admission & Financial Aid December 1
Early Action Fall Admission November 15
Fall Priority Admission February 15
We will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis after this date.
Fall Priority Financial Aid March 1*

*Due to federal delays in processing financial aid, our priority deadline for financial aid is now April 1—learn more about these changes.

Spring Transfer Admission & Financial Aid December 1
Fall Priority Transfer Admission June 30
We will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis after this date.
Fall Priority Transfer Financial Aid June 1

Scholarships & Aid

At Suffolk, we're committed to making a private education accessible to all students and that's why 95% of our students receive some form of need-based financial aid and/or merit scholarship. Suffolk University only requires the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for need-based financial aid. Here are some key tips to keep in mind when applying for aid:

  • For the 2024-2025 academic year, the Department of Education delayed the FAFSA availability until January 2024—review the 2024-25 FAFSA changes
  • Make sure you select the correct version that corresponds with your student’s entry term
  • Be sure to include Suffolk’s school code of 002218, or else we will not receive the FAFSA data
  • Provide all required electronic signatures—usually at least one parent/guardian must sign
  • Make sure that your student has their social security number on file in the Office of Undergraduate Admission

To get an estimate of what your student may potentially receive for federal financial aid, please utilize our Net Price Calculator. It may also be helpful to view the estimated annual costs for new undergraduate students. Please don't hesitate to contact your assigned financial aid counselor or call the financial services office at 617-573-8470 if you have any questions regarding financial aid.

All applicants will automatically be evaluated for merit-based scholarship at the time of admission. Merit awards are available to both freshman and transfer students, helping to make a Suffolk education more affordable. Our Merit Calculator is designed to assist undergraduate students and their families with an early estimate of the amount of merit scholarship aid they may receive at Suffolk University. Merit scholarship amounts, if applicable, will be listed in a student’s acceptance letter along with whether they have been chosen to participate in our Honors Program.

Our Commitment to Affordability

Suffolk students gathered for a picture on the East Boston waterfront.

Suffolk is renowned for educating students who are first-generation, low-income, and/or from historically underrepresented backgrounds. We work tirelessly to make the Suffolk experience affordable. We are proud to unveil two new initiatives and to share more about tuition costs. 

New Scholarship for First-Generation Students  
We understand that first-generation students—the first in their families to attend college—face unique challenges. All first-generation freshmen will qualify for a new $1,000 scholarship.

New Summer Internship Stipend
Internships should be for everyone, not a privileged few. To better support students holding non-paying summer internships, we will offer stipends of $3,500. 

The Center for Career Equity, Development & Success

The expert team at this newly reimagined and expanded campus resource helps Rams connect their studies to work that matters. The Career Center’s staff helps students network with employers and alumni in their field, find internship and job opportunities, and perfect their application materials.
Learn More About the Career Center

Our Prime On-Campus Housing

Suffolk offers on-campus housing in some of Boston’s best real estate, including the recently opened One Court Street in the historic Ames Hotel building. The University’s five incredible residence halls feature modern amenities, inviting study lounges, and a variety of dining options. They’re steps away from our academic buildings and a quick commute to everything that makes Boston the ultimate college town. 

Thanks to our friendly community, Suffolk students living around the city or at home enjoy the same warm welcome as the Rams who live in our residence halls.  

See our five stellar on-campus residence halls and your student's new views here.

The entrance to our newest residence hall One Court Street.

Our Mission of Granting Academic Access

University Honors Program

College of Arts & Sciences and Sawyer Business School students enjoy special opportunities to work with top faculty members, conduct their own research, prepare for graduate school, and build their professional networks. 

SU Advantage

Offered by the University’s Center for Learning & Academic Success, SU Advantage pairs incoming students with an academic coach who will help them identify and build on their interests and strengths. Students also take courses designed to help them adapt to—and excel in—college-level coursework.

Accepting Qualified Applicants

Suffolk’s founding mission is to offer greater academic access and opportunity to applicants. That’s just as true now as it was when we opened our doors in 1906. We accept 84 percent of our applicant pool precisely because we strongly believe that—with enough motivation, commitment, work, and support from our campus community—every student can succeed.

INTO Pathways

Language shouldn’t be a barrier to academic success. Through our partnership with INTO, we offer select students intensive English language skills–based courses to help them transition into the greater Suffolk community and adapt to university life in the United States.  

Our expert admission team is happy to answer your questions in person! Please stop by or schedule an appointment with us. If you prefer, you can also reach us by phone, email, or Zoom.

No matter how you get in touch, we’re here to help!

617-573-8460 [email protected]

Learn More About Suffolk