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Welcome to the Center for Learning and Academic Success (CLAS), your one-stop shop for taking your Suffolk education to the next level.

Important Service Updates for Spring 2021

The CLAS will be offering all of its tutoring services exclusively online. See detailed information on how to access CLAS services remotely.

Become a Tutor at the CLAS

Are you interested in supporting your peers while building transferable skills? The CLAS is actively recruiting Geno A. Ballotti Scholars and peer tutors for the ’21-’22 academic year. Check out our CLAS Tutor Roles Handout [PDF] and the CLAS Jobs page for more details on our positions and requirements. To apply, complete our online application.

CLAS Tutors Are Here for You

Even during these unprecedented times, we are here to help students. See the video.

Academic Coaching & Tutoring FAQs

If you would like an academic coach, please email us and you will be assigned a coach. Your coach will be available in-person, via zoom or phone, and will email you to determine what will work best for you

The CLAS offers a handful of English language workshops each week. All of our workshops are held online via Zoom.

You can find the meeting times and Zoom links by going to the Online CLAS Services Information page.

Yes! All tutoring services are offered online via Zoom. You can schedule appointments online by clicking the blue "Get Assistance" button on the homepage of your Navigate account. Additionally, you can call the CLAS at 617-573-8034. Before your scheduled appointment, your tutor will email you a link to your Zoom meeting and instructions on how to connect.

Online tutoring closely approximates the in-person tutoring experience. With application and document sharing, mark-up capabilities, and a virtual white board, you and your tutor can do just about anything you would do in an in-person session.

Yes! Our amazing staff of peer and professional tutors has not changed; they’re just working remotely instead of in-person. Our tutors are the same people who know you, your professors, and Suffolk.

Mosaic of CLAs tutors smiling and waving

CLAS Tutors Are Here for You

00:00 Image description: Suffolk logo. Text: The Center for Learning & Academic Success. 73 Tremont St, 9th Floor. 617.573.8034.

00:02 Peer writing tutors are here for you.

00:04 Professional writing tutors are here for you.

00:07 Peer math tutors are here for you.

00:10 Professional math tutors are here for you.

00:12 Political science tutors are here for you.

00:15 Professional English language tutors are here for you.

00:18 Graduate SBS tutors are here for you.

00:21 Chemistry tutors are here for you.

00:24 Art & design tutors are here for you.

00:28 Economics tutors are here for you.

00:30 Graduate marketing tutors are here for you.

00:33 Physics tutors are here for you.

00:36 Business finance tutors are here for you.

00:40 Bridge tutors are here for you.

00:42 Philosophy tutors are here for you.

00:45 The Center for Learning & Academic Success

00:47 is offering our full complement of tutoring services

00:50 for the fall 2020 semester.

00:51 Except this semester, all tutoring services are going to be remote.

00:55 We've expanded our hours to accommodate Suffolk students from across the globe.

00:59 So this year, we're going to be open Monday through Friday from 7 AM until 11 PM.

01:04 We also have a whole host of tools that we use in remote tutoring appointments

01:10 that really help us make remote tutoring pretty much just like the in-person experience.

01:15 Whether that's document sharing or annotation tools

01:18 or sharing various apps on our computers or using smart white boards,

01:22 we can really make remote tutoring basically just like the in-person experience.

01:27 So whether you're trying not to fail a class

01:30 or trying to turn that A- into an A,

01:32 CLAS tutors are here for you.

01:35 [tutors waving and smiling]

01:43 Image description: Suffolk logo Text: The Center for Learning & Academic Success. 73 Tremont St, 9th Floor. 617.573.8034.

Tutoring & Peer-to-Peer Success Services

Our staff of 80+ tutors offers a multitude of options for tutoring, study groups, and workshops. You can take advantage of both in-person and online one-on-one tutoring appointments in over 300 courses each semester, as well as assistance in writing and English language concerns. We offer study groups in various subject matters, in addition to drop-in sessions for math, statistics, and accounting. Our academic skills workshops include a wide-array of topics, including English language, time management, note taking, and presentation skills.

Before scheduling an appointment, be sure to review the Global Policies for Appointments [PDF].

Spring 2021 Schedule of Services

Spring 2021 English Language Workshop Schedule [PDF]
Spring 2021 Study Group Schedule [PDF]
Spring 2021 Courses we Tutor [PDF]

Coaching & Academic Success Programs

Academic coaching provides you with the skills, guidance, and support necessary for reaching long-term goals and overall achievement. Academic coaches will work individually with you to clarify priorities and set milestones for success. Academic coaches share appropriate strategies, academic learning tools, and campus resources, enabling you to meet your full potential while at Suffolk and beyond.

To schedule an appointment with an Academic Coach, contact Orla Downey.