At the CLAS, you can find tutoring, study groups, academic coaching, and academic skills workshops. The CLAS also has math and statistics drop-in sessions and assistance for students whose primary language is not English. Our center coordinates the Early Alert academic outreach initiative along with various academic programs.


Established in 1980, Suffolk University’s Ballotti Learning Center was created as a means of sharpening students’ study skills. It has developed programs and services that empower all Suffolk University students to reach their highest academic potential.

The center was named for Geno A. Ballotti in a dedication ceremony on October 19, 1988. A dedicated philanthropist, Mr. Ballotti was the director of the Boston Foundation (formerly known as the Permanent Charity Fund of Boston), a public charity under which any donor may make a gift of bequests of any size for the good of the community. Mr. Ballotti also spent 15 years as the managing editor of Daedalus, the journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

As then-Suffolk University president Daniel H. Perlman noted, “Geno Ballotti’s commitment to education in providing opportunity and encouragement to people of all statures and in all walks of life was so exemplary and inspirational to us that we chose to honor this distinguished Bostonian by dedicating our learning center in his memory.”

The merging of all of the University's academic support services into the Center for Learning and Academic Success allows Suffolk to continue Geno Ballotti’s inclusive message of opportunity and encouragement for students with all varieties of learning styles and academic goals.