Mission Statement

In 2019, Suffolk University updated its Mission Statement, as follows.

Mission Statement

At Suffolk University we are driven by the power of education, inclusion, and engagement to change lives and positively impact communities. Committed to excellence, we provide students with experiential and transformational learning opportunities that begin in the center of Boston, reach across the globe, and lead to extraordinary outcomes for our graduates.


Suffolk University will be a leader in experiential learning, known nationally and internationally for excellence in providing students access to real-world and global learning opportunities through outstanding academic and co-curricular programs and partnerships that take full advantage of our borderless, urban campuses in Boston and Madrid.

We will advance our mission by ensuring that our students gain the core competencies needed to build successful careers in a rapidly changing world. A sharp focus on preparing students and alumni for lifelong career and community success will put Suffolk at the forefront of career education efforts at colleges and universities nationwide.

Core Values

Suffolk University believes in providing a student-centered experience that includes offering pedagogically appropriate class sizes and personal mentoring relationships with faculty and staff. We are committed to providing an integrated educational experience that builds confidence and empowers our students to become successful contributors to our global world.

Suffolk University provides the opportunity for an enriching education to academically qualified students. We are committed to creating opportunities for students to pursue an education that will help them achieve their personal and career goals.

Suffolk University believes in a teacher-scholar model that fosters excellence in teaching and scholarship across multiple academic domains. We are committed to academic freedom, the intellectual exchange of ideas, and the development of knowledge that is practical and relevant locally, nationally, and globally.

Suffolk University is committed to managing its resources and operations in the most fiscally prudent manner so as to enhance the University’s goal of providing an excellent, focused educational experience at the most reasonable cost.

Suffolk University actively promotes relationships with the community to exchange knowledge and provide pathways for internships, career development, and job placement. We engage with our students, alumni, and the broader community in collaborative relationships that promote local and global connections enhancing learning and scholarship.

Suffolk University believes in integrating civic engagement and service learning throughout the curriculum to foster the development of responsible global citizens. We are committed to acting ethically, professionally, and collaboratively.

Suffolk University values an inclusive community and supports diversity among our students, faculty, and staff. We believe that our community is enriched by people of different backgrounds and cultures, and we are committed to building a culture of cooperation among diverse groups.

Suffolk University respects and empowers students, faculty, and staff to provide accurate and comprehensive information to all constituents. We are committed to an ethical and effective governance structure based on transparency and the free flow of information among administration, faculty, and the larger University community.