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Mohammed's Suffolk Story

“One of the things I love about Suffolk is that the whole community will help you when you need help—sometimes without asking.”
Mohammed Ammar Finance Major, Class of 2022
Mohammed's Suffolk Story

My Suffolk journey began when I became an INTO student before being admitted to my undergraduate program in entrepreneurship. I started as a shy student who did not know how to make friends and engage in the community—especially since I came from a different culture, and I was new in the United States and Boston. Suffolk University was the perfect place for me to gain confidence and overcome my obstacles. 

I was in the Home Away from Home Program, where new students from different cities and countries can socialize and enjoy activities. Also, I was part of the Global Gateway Program, which is my favorite memory and experience as a freshman. With Global Gateway, I went to Madrid for a week with 54 other freshman students. I met great friends and students who became successful and engaged in the community, which gave me a boost of confidence and motivation.

In my first semester, I took Business Foundations with Professor Richard Taylor. This class was a turning point for me. Professor Taylor talked to me after our last class and told me he thought I had great skills in finance by looking at my work in class. He recommended that I consider finance as a major. I started reading about finance more, and I enjoyed all the topics. The following week, I changed my major to finance and my career changed for the better. 

One of the things I love about Suffolk is that the whole community will help you when you need help—sometimes without asking. Staff members, professors, and students are willing to help you have a successful academic career. My Business Foundations/Professor Taylor experience is a great example.

After my freshman year at Suffolk, I was inspired by the community; I wanted to be engaged and help students. In my sophomore year, I started as a math tutor and teaching assistant for the SBS 100 class’s INTO section. I wanted to use my experience and help students who were going through the same journey. I met amazing students and friends, and I enjoyed being part of the community that improves students’ Suffolk experience. That same year, I cofounded the Suffolk University Soccer Club (SUFC) with my friends and became the treasurer. Many students wanted to play soccer in Boston, but did not know where to go. With the help of SLI, we made it happen and had a pickup game every week. It felt amazing to create another chance for students to engage, have fun, and make friends.

In my junior year, I became the International Students Ambassador for Arab INTO students. Since I was an INTO student myself, I had the knowledge to mentor current, new, and prospective students throughout their academic careers, providing information and advice until they graduated from INTO and started their graduate or undergraduate program at Suffolk. In addition, I gathered with my Arab friends at Suffolk and decided to reactivate the Arab Students Association. It was not active since all the board members had graduated, and it is important to have an active student organization that represents Arab students. In our first semester, I became the treasurer, and we set up discussion sessions and social events.

In my last year, I continued in my position as the treasurer for the Arab Student Association. We won the Journey Leadership Award from Suffolk, and organized social events and two iftar events during Ramadan. Also, I became a senator for the Class of 2022 through the Student Government Association (SGA). I joined SGA to be part of the students’ voice and improve the student experience at Suffolk. It was an amazing experience to meet with the leaders of each class and staff members from different departments to discuss potential improvements. 
Lastly, Suffolk inspired me to help others and be part of the change for the better. I hope I spread this message and helped inspire others. I thank Suffolk for creating this lovely community. I am pleased to be part of it.

Suffolk student Mohammed poses for a portrait.

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