Suffolk Honored at Digital Education Achievement Awards

Suffolk University received honorable mention at the e.Republic's Center for Digital Education’s 2012 Digital Education Achievement Awards.

Each year, the Center recognizes schools that implement new technology to enhance online education. This year, Suffolk University was honored for its CourseCast initiative.

CourseCast, which first launched at the Sawyer Business School, is an innovative software that allows professors to record and post their lectures online. It can capture any combination of audio and video recording, as well as PowerPoint presentations and other computer programs.

“It adapts to the teaching style of the faculty member and the learning style of the student. It’s another tool that a faculty member or student can use for their own learning or teaching style,” said Praneeth Machettira, director of the Office of Technology Management at Sawyer Business School.

As one of the first universities to get on board with the software, Suffolk began working with CourseCast in 2008, helping to expand the base technology by developing a few additional functionalities and features before going live with the product in 2009.

“We are proud for the University to get this award, but I think most of the praise should go to the initial faculty members who jumped on board to use the technology. I think this should be looked at as a win for the faculty and the students. Certainly, yes, the University got the award. We played a role in it, but it’s being used successfully and that’s what we’re proud of,” Machettira said.