Scholar Presents Lecture on China in World History

Professor Paul Ropp of Clark University in Worcester was a recent Distinguished Visitor of the Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies. Dr. Ropp spoke about China in World History and discussed his forthcoming book on Chinese history to be published by Oxford University Press. His new book is likely to be adopted as a course textbook by many universities in the English-speaking world.

He gave his considered opinions and analysis of China’s role in world history over the many years of human civilization. Dr. Ropp received his PhD in Chinese History from the University of Michigan. He has taught at Clark University for many years, where he has served as Chair of the History Department and Dean of the College. Among his many books arePassionate Women: Suicide in Late Imperial China (2001) andBanished Immortal: Searching for Shuangqing, China’s Peasant Woman (2001).

Ron Suleski, Director of the Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies, expressed his excitement in having Dr. Ropp as a distinguished guest, "Paul Ropp has spent a lifetime studying China. His new book represents the result of all those years of research and we have had the chance to learn about the book before it is published! What an exciting opportunity for our students."