Suffolk’s MS in Finance Programs

The MS in Finance Programs at the Sawyer Business School offer a unique opportunity to earn a Master of Science in Finance (MSF) or a Master of Science in Financial Services and Banking (MSFSB) in as few as 15 months of part-time study. The program also offers a five course Certificate in Advanced Finance as an alternative to a master’s degree.

The Suffolk MSF delivers in-depth, practical education for the finance professional and provides a solid foundation for those looking to transition into financial services. You will learn the theories that drive financial decision-making and the skills to apply them effectively and efficiently. Our students often take two classes per term, meeting back-to-back one night per week. The program is ideally designed with a cohort structure in mind, giving students ample opportunity to develop professional and personal relationships that last far beyond the length of the program and offer invaluable networking opportunities. This structure also ensures a cohesive and integrated curriculum and enhances students’ learning. Suffolk University’s location in the heart of downtown Boston means that students hail from many industries-finance, banking, insurance, government-and each brings a unique perspective to the classroom. And, as every finance professional knows, ‘time is money’, making our 15 month timeframe incredibly valuable.

“Earning my MSF at Suffolk was the smartest and fastest way for me to advance in my career. I now have the skills and confidence to take on new challenges and career opportunities,” said John Walker, MSF ’02, Vice President, PNC Bank

Across every area of business, the ability to make sound, effective decisions often demands a financial analysis of the issues. The MS in Finance programs offer a challenging and rewarding opportunity to learn the financial theories and practices that drive financial decision-making and the financial markets. Whether your career involves managing the finances of your company, or you’re looking for a career in investments or corporate finance, the MSF programs will give you the tools you need to meet the goals that you’ve set.

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