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Students solve real business problems in real time.
Flash consulting
During a recent flash consulting session at a Fortune 200 firm, graduate students went from briefing to brainstorming to client presentation in just three hours.

One of the hallmarks of a Suffolk University Sawyer Business School education is the chance to interact with, learn from, and work for real clients on their business issues. While some assignments may last an entire semester, others can take just a few hours.

A great example of the latter is flash consulting. Students receive a business problem from a client, go off in groups to brainstorm, and come back the very same day to present their solutions.

The echoes of “Shark Tank” notwithstanding, flash consulting can be incredibly valuable: substantive for students and thought-provoking for clients.

The Business School's EDGE Professional Development workshops sponsored a flash consulting session at AECOM, a Fortune 200 engineering firm with a main office just down the street from Suffolk University.

Follow along as the students help AECOM figure out ways to grow its business.



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