Dumpling Bonding

Sawyer Ambassadors cook up some Asian food as they prepare for the new academic year
Boston Public Market

In the first few days of the new academic year while most students were still unpacking boxes or tracking down textbooks, one group of Business School students walked across Government Center to the Boston Public Market to do some team building in their KITCHEN, which is managed by The Trustees.
Overseen by Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs Kim Larkin, the Sawyer Ambassadors are a small cohort of student leaders dedicated to enhancing the overall undergraduate experience and building community within the Business School.
"Part of being an Ambassador is to help find engaging and educational programs for the students, " says Brianna Chalas, Class of 2021. "We try to add a personal touch to the Sawyer Business School and to create a brand for it."
But to start the academic year, the eight Ambassadors wanted to to bond as a group. And nothing builds esprit de corps like making dumplings. Take a look.

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