After Iowa, ‘Party Should Eliminate the Caucuses’

Suffolk professor makes the case for more organized, inclusive primaries in op-ed for The Washington Post

“The Iowa caucuses debacle is a case study in what can go wrong when amateurs, without a lot of training, are entrusted to administer a highly coordinated, high-stakes, complex process in a short amount of time,” writes Suffolk University Professor Rachael Cobb, chair of the Department of Political Science and Legal Studies in a Washington Post op-ed. 

Cobb studies and teaches about election administration, civic engagement, and political participation.

Cobb’s op-ed comes amid continuing uncertainty regarding the results and processes of the Iowa caucuses. 

“There’s really no way to prevent catastrophes such as what happened Monday without eliminating the source of the problem: elections that have consequences for everyone being run entirely by private entities without government oversight or regulations,” she writes.

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Rachael Cobb in the Suffolk University library
Professor Rachael Cobb

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