Employers: The Class of 2022 Has Some Questions for You

Suffolk's Career Center Director explains why students are the ones asking the tough questions in a recent USA Today op-ed

In the April op-ed, "College Graduates Are Interviewing for Jobs, and They Have a Lot of Questions for You," Associate Provost and Center for Career Equity, Development & Success Executive Director Dave Merry writes: "To successfully recruit–and more important, retain–new graduates, employers must demonstrate programs and support systems that promote workplace equity and foster the long-term success of students who come to work for them."   

"In our career development efforts at Suffolk University, we are working to foster the skills of equity and inclusion with the same intensity as skills like building a professional network, writing a solid résumé or preparing for an interview. All first-year students now take for-credit career readiness classes, where one of the first exercises asks students to evaluate how their own identities will impact their careers, and how they can create more equity and opportunity for people who have been historically marginalized." 

Read the op-ed here.


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