Celebrating Dean Bill O’Neill

Dean Bill O'Niell 

Over nearly two decades of leadership as dean, William J. O’Neill, Jr. transformed the Sawyer Business School by incorporating a global perspective into its mission, giving students and graduates a greater understanding of international business practices, perspectives, and cultures. O’Neill came from industry and knew firsthand the importance of preparing graduates to compete in a global environment. Under his leadership, the school focused on blending theory and practice, so that academic insights could be used to solve real business problems.

O’Neill stepped down as dean at the end of the 2019-20 academic year, leaving a legacy of excellence. Under his leadership, the school established new majors and specialty programs, including business analytics and business economics programs, a Center for Entrepreneurship, an undergraduate degree in Global Business Management, global travel seminars, and international internships that have broadened students’ horizons and enhanced their career prospects. Today, the Sawyer Business School, under the new leadership of Dean Amy Zeng, continues to deliver relevant, experienced-based, and global business education that is successfully preparing the leaders of tomorrow.

As dean, O’Neill loved engaging with students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and in October they will get a chance to return the favor. The University will honor O’Neill and his many contributions in a virtual celebration on the evening of Oct. 21. That event will include an “open mic” opportunity for members of the Suffolk community, including alumni, to share their appreciation. Please save the date.