Well Wishes

Welcoming the Class of 2020 to the Alumni Community

Suffolk alumni reached out to congratulate the Class of 2020, welcome its members into their proud community, and offer inspiration as they embark on new journeys. Here is a sampling of their messages of encouragement.

"This year has had its challenges ... but you are graduating from Suffolk equipped to take on those challenges. We need new leaders and better leaders, and I am so excited to see the work your classmates continue to do outside of the Suffolk walls. The Class of 2020 will be remembered forever. Welcome to the alumni of Suffolk!"

—Sorcha Rochford, MSPS ’14

"Congratulations! Your resiliency this past year should always be something you remember and appreciate as you move forward. Never forget to continue to keep your Suffolk connections strong! The people you met during your time will always continue to support you no matter where you go or what you do".

—Sydney Fonseca, BSBA ’17 MBA ’19

"YOU DID IT. While facing one of the toughest global crises of our times, you managed to complete your degree. YOU. DID. THAT. Congratulations! Here’s to you, cheers!"

—Lina Canon, BA ’13

"Class of 2020 will forever be a badge honor!"

—Jim Dever, BSBA ’93


"Kindness will take you farther than you'd imagine."

—Morgan Williams, BSBA ’16, MBA ’18

"Do work that you love & stay true to your passion!"

—Brittany Sullivan, BSBA ’12

"Keep going—you have plenty left to accomplish!"

—Sean Higgins JD’03

"You are the future leaders. You are graduating during a time of uncertainty and uncharted, very challenging circumstances. Yet, you have persevered and overcome the unexpected. This experience has shaped you in ways that most cannot fully appreciate. You've graduated despite the odds, and there is absolutely nothing you are unable to achieve."

—Tamela Bailey, JD ’04

"As president of the Law Alumni Board, I would like to congratulate you and formally welcome you to the Suffolk alumni community! We are a proud and tight-knit group of fellow graduates. I encourage you to seek out Suffolk alumni and lean on them for mentorship, networking and employment opportunities. Good luck and again congratulations to you!"

—Tim Wilkerson, JD ’03, President of Law Board

"You and your classmates have certainly been through more than your fair share of frustration and uncertainty this past year. I congratulate you on the completion of your ... studies and encourage you to be patient yet persistent in the pursuit of your career, whatever it may be. Opportunities will arise. Work hard, strive to learn as much as you can, and you will undoubtedly achieve success. Best of luck!"

—Bob Pace, JD ’85


"CONGRATULATIONS! Throughout your time at Suffolk, you have all shown a level of perseverance and commitment to excellence required to navigate a host of unexpected challenges, both locally and globally, culturally and economically. Keep pushing boundaries and leading through change!"

—Joe Krause, EMBA ’13, President of the SBS Board


"Congratulations graduates. You worked hard for the past few years, and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Please know that you are well prepared and ready to start your legal career. Be proud of your alma mater and be sure to stay in touch with other alumni in your practice area and students coming up behind you. Celebrate!"

—Ken Gear BSBA’89 JD’95

"The world may seem in chaos, but you are equipped with the tools you need to not only see through the challenges, you will surpass them! I look forward to the class of 2020 fulfilling their purpose and potential!"

—Jenny Joseph-Hayle, MPA ’13, Chair, Suffolk University Black Alumni Network


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