$20.18. That’s all it takes to make a lasting impact on Suffolk University.

As a Suffolk student, you can appreciate the value of the student experience. You also recognize the impact Suffolk alumni have had on your education.

That’s why we’re asking you to make a gift of $20.18 to the Senior Class Gift Fund. Not only will your gift commemorate your graduation year, it will also be used to provide financial support to future Suffolk students. If you can’t give $20.18 right now, give whatever you can because every contribution to the fund is a valuable one.

By giving today, you’ll be able to:

  • Support student life and those who follow in your footsteps
  • Reciprocate the support you have received for your Suffolk education
  • Enhance the Suffolk Annual Fund, the University’s rankings, and the value of your degree
  • Receive a special gold Commencement tassel when you give at least $20.18

This is your first chance to give back to Suffolk as a soon-to-be alumnus. Join your classmates in supporting the University and create a lasting legacy for the Class of 2018.

Making your gift is quick and easy. Use our online giving form to donate today.