Finding Her Voice

Kelli's Suffolk Story

"Suffolk builds people, builds careers, and builds futures."
Kelli Connors BA, History, '10, MEd, Administration of Higher Education, '16
Kelli's Suffolk Story

In my family, we always joke that I didn't become a person until I went to college. I can say with all confidence that Suffolk made me who I am today. It awoke in me a passion for academic excellence as an undergrad, and instilled in me a passion for student affairs in graduate school.

My career, my personality, my life all started here. Inspiring faculty and mentors, paired with incredibly intelligent and driven students made and continue to make this my home and my heart. Finding yourself in college is a common experience. Being able to continue on a path of self-exploration and personal growth while pursuing a career is less common. Suffolk builds people, builds careers, and builds futures.

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