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Jessica's Suffolk Story

“Suffolk shaped me into a young professional who can conquer anything.”
Jessica Tran Biology Major, Class of 2022
Jessica's Suffolk Story

After spending 18 years in a small town in Connecticut, I knew it was time to leave. Suffolk has given me plenty of opportunities I would have never imagined. The experiences I’ve had at Suffolk— taking the risk of moving to a new city and getting the chance to study abroad—made me a better student and leader.

During my sophomore year, I joined Theta Phi Alpha. This sorority and my executive board position as sisterhood chair gave me a boost of confidence. I made lifelong friends and engaged in a lot of fun activities that I’ll never forget.

I knew it was important to continue being involved. With the Journey Leadership Program, I had the opportunity to go to Aiken, South Carolina, for a conference. This trip helped me develop more leadership skills by connecting with the students there and creating a project focused on contributing to change.

When the pandemic hit, I had to go back to Connecticut and felt lost. Combining my passions for learning and traveling, I decided to take the leap and study abroad. Suffolk’s Madrid Campus helped me get my motivation back as I experienced a new culture and developed valuable life skills. I’m so grateful to have met such amazing people, and I can’t recommend this experience enough!

Suffolk has always supported me in ways that made me feel heard and pushed beyond my capabilities. The abundant opportunities—from joining clubs to holding part-time jobs on campus—contributed to my ‘real world’ skills. I made such strong connections with professors and staff, and I will forever be thankful to those who believed in me for my academic success. I am proud to say that Suffolk shaped me into a young professional who can conquer anything.

Portrait of Suffolk student Jessica in her cap and gown.

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