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Collin's Suffolk Story

“I wanted to go somewhere that saw students as more than just numbers on a page—as people with interests, values, and goals.” 
Collin Smith History & Theatre Major, Class of 2022
Collin's Suffolk Story

I remember vividly my first day on campus back in 2016. I toured campus my sophomore year in high school as a guest of my sister, who was a junior at the time. I remember feeling welcomed by faculty and staff, despite not being the on-paper guest. I remember the then-newly built Samia Academic Center. I remember I could see myself not only building an academic future, but also a professional future in downtown Boston. I even remember bickering with my family as we got lost on the way back to the parking garage.

Two years later, I applied and was accepted. In April, I saw myself at a crossroads regarding where to go to college. On a random day, I decided to check the mail and saw a postcard addressed to me from Suffolk. It read something along the lines of: “Collin, my name is Ashley and I am a student at Suffolk. I see you’re interested in theatre, and I am involved in theatre here. Just this year I have done multiple shows and met a ton of great people. I hope when you come to campus I’ll get to work on a show with you!” 

And I thought to myself, “Ashley is DEFINITELY a robot. This is an auto-generated message. I’m not special.” So, I licked my thumb and rubbed her signature, and it smudged. It smudged because it was pen ink. The card was handwritten. I remember that helped me choose where to go. I wanted to go somewhere that saw students as more than just numbers on a page—as people with interests, values, and goals.

Now, four years later, I know that to be true of Suffolk. As I look back at my time here on the verge of graduation, I see my goals and aspirations fulfilled. I’ve researched, written, and directed a full-length historical play. I’ve worked in orientation and admission, meaning I’ve gotten to warmly welcome over 3,000 students just as I was warmly welcomed on my first day here. I earned degrees in two majors that I care deeply about—history and theatre—and have felt the full support of the faculty and staff the entire way.

Now, as I enter the professional world, I selected Suffolk all over again. In my first job out of college, I will be working in student affairs here, continuing to work in the community which helped me become someone I’m proud of for the last four years.

Suffolk student Collin poses for a portrait.

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