Suffolk University/USA Today Poll: Russian Election Meddling a Concern that President Should Address

Voters nationwide are concerned about Russian meddling in U.S. elections and don’t think President Donald Trump is doing enough to respond to the perceived threat to American democracy, according to a Suffolk University/USA Today national poll of registered voters.

While 58 percent of voters polled said they trust the fairness of special counsel Robert Mueller and the investigation he is leading into possible ties between the Trump’s campaign and Russian bureaucrats, 57 percent say they don’t trust Trump’s denials.

The charges lodged thus far in the investigation target 19 people--including three former Trump associates who have pleaded guilty--and three companies. Seventy-five percent of those polled said that they take these charges very or somewhat seriously, while 20 percent do not. And 69 percent believe that the Russians made a serious effort to interfere in the 2016 election.

Sixty percent said that the president is not doing enough to respond to the Russians’ alleged incursion in the elections, compared to 26 percent who said he is.

“Americans clearly are concerned about Russian influence in our system of democracy and want something done about it,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston. “While the president has launched regular Tweet storms deriding the investigation, our poll shows that most voters are not swayed by that messaging.”

While 69 percent of voters said they believe the Russians made a serious effort to impact the 2016 elections, 44 percent said they don’t believe the outcome was affected, while 42 percent believe it was.

A large majority—76 percent—believe the Russian attempts to interfere in U.S. elections will continue.

Additional poll results

Previously released results from this Suffolk University/USA Today poll show that a large majority of American voters want tighter gun control laws and background checks, but they don’t expect Congress to pass such restrictions. They also showed increasing disapproval of President Donald Trump’s performance.

Results of polling on the midterm elections will be released on Thursday, March 1.


The nationwide survey of 1,000 voters was conducted Feb. 20 through 24 using live telephone interviews of households where respondents indicated they were registered to vote. The margin of error is +/-3 percentage points at a 95 percent level of confidence. Marginals and full cross-tabulation data are posted on the Suffolk University Political Research Center website. For more information, contact David Paleologos at 781-290-9310 or send him an email

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