Masking Up Makes a Difference

How you can show your Suffolk spirit and keep everyone safe
Suffolk students with masks on walk on the Common

Buying a Suffolk-branded mask is a great way to help our students.

Wearing a face covering shows you care about others and keeping the community safe, whether it’s your school, your neighborhood, your co-workers, or the essential workers who keep our world running.

When you Mask Up for Suffolk, you show you care on yet another level—because you help make possible a crucial service that Suffolk University provides to students in need: Suffolk CARES.

Suffolk CARES provides grants and other assistance to students facing financial hardships and food insecurity. And right now, the net proceeds from every Suffolk-branded mask you buy will go to support the Suffolk CARES program.

Hundreds of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and family members have already shown their support for Suffolk CARES by purchasing a mask. Please join them and send a message: that even a pandemic can’t change the caring, empathy, and generosity that define our University community, and bind it together.

Show your Suffolk spirit and support students in need: Buy a Suffolk-Branded Mask today.