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Thinking about making study abroad a part of your Suffolk experience? The Center for International Programs is here to help you tailor the experience to meet your goals, timeline, and needs. Consider the following questions to help focus your international interests, then meet with one of our excellent advisors who will guide you toward the right programs for you.

The sooner you start, the more options there are to make the experience as impactful and unforgettable as possible.

Basic Considerations

  • Location: Urban or rural? What country or region interests me? Is there a foreign language I would like to be exposed to, or even master?
  • Cost: Start to consider your budget and travel expenses. More financial information will be available once you decide upon a program.
  • Housing: Do I prefer a traditional homestay, or do I picture myself living in an apartment with other international and American students?
  • What skills and experiences am I hoping to gain from an international education that can help me reach my personal and professional goals?

Once you've given some thought to what study abroad could do for you, attend one of our weekly info sessions to get the details necessary to make your goals a reality!

A World of Choices

What's your passion? Enrich your academic, professional, and personal goals with a global experience.

No matter what your major is, we can provide you with a program that will help you progress in your studies while exploring a new world of cultures, peoples, and perspectives.

"My time in Spain has given me a world perspective I never would have obtained otherwise. I have met people from just about every part of the world both in and outside the Suffolk campus here. My goal in coming to Spain was the astronomy field trip to the Canary Islands. It added an amazing amount of hands-on practice with real astronomical instruments to my resume and will definitely help with my grad school applications."
Casey Myers '16 Destination: Madrid Spain, Major: Astrophysics
"I decided to study abroad the summer going into my sophomore year because I had studied abroad before and could not wait another year to be back in Europe. Cavilam was the perfect program for me because it was language intensive with some of the most passionate French professors I have ever met. It is incredible how many foreign friends I made. Cavilam is made up of students and professors from around the world, and it was an experience of a life time being immersed in such a beautiful language and culture in France."
Sarah Hutchinson '18 Destination: Cavilam, France Major: French and International Relations
"This has been a wonderful experience, in only four months my Spanish has progressed so much! Living with a host family has let me really immerse myself into the culture and connect with the people of Chile."
Megan Donnelly '17 Destination: Vina del Mar, Chile Major: Spanish