"Suffolk made me me. It made me smarter and funnier and bolder. I’m ready for whatever this world has in store for me."
Elizabeth Hadley BA, Journalism, '19
Elizabeth's Suffolk Story

April 18, 2016: Ever since I was eight years old, I knew what I wanted to do. I’ve known that I want to be a news broadcaster on Good Morning America for over 10 years now.

When I was touring schools, Suffolk was near the top of my list. But it wasn't until accepted students’ day that I made my decision that Suffolk was the school for me. Ever since that day, I have loved Suffolk. Never have I felt so accepted for being completely myself. Even in my freshman year, Suffolk has already helped me to grow and mature into the person I want to be.

My favorite thing about Suffolk is that they encourage you to try new things, to step out of your comfort zone. I did that multiple times this year. I have always looked back on that experience with a smile, knowing that I am on my way to conquering all of my dreams.

Thank you, Suffolk, for helping me to grow up to be the person I want to be, in the city that I love. Thank you for always accepting me, whether in the classroom, library, or cafeteria. I am so grateful that I chose Suffolk because I wouldn't be the person I am today if my decision had gone any other way.

May 2, 2019: Coming to Suffolk has undoubtedly been the absolute greatest decision I have ever made. Not only have I grown as a student, but I have grown as a person and a contributor to the world.

Freshman year I thought I should immediately love college. I should be this new person because I’m surrounded by these new people and places. But I didn’t immediately love it, and I thought something was wrong with me.

I could have easily made the decision to quit or transfer, but I didn’t. I knew if I just gave it a little more time, I could grow to love it.

Now, I am about to graduate, and I can’t believe how far I have come. Four years of classes and finals and projects and fun. Four years to grow into a person ready to tackle the world.

From three Alternative Spring Break trips and the Journey trip to Florida, to four internships, going live on air with Suffolk in the City, and commuting every day on the commuter rail, to editing and filming numerous projects and spending countless hours in Studio 73, and making lifelong friends, I have grown up here at Suffolk. I even think that I loved it freshman year, because it made me a better person who could take things as they come and grow from them.

I will miss it here. I will miss the laughs and the late-night study sessions and the smoothies from Somerset Cafe. I will miss my friends and knowing where they are at all times. But I am ready, and I am ready because of Suffolk. Suffolk made me me. It made me smarter and funnier and bolder. I’m ready for whatever this world has in store for me. And for that I say thank you, Suffolk. Thank you for not letting me give up.

Elizabeth stretches out her arms and smiles as she crosses the stage at Commencement.

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