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Leadership development is a primary focus of the Student Leadership and Involvement Office. We offer leadership development on a variety of levels, whether it is a one-time experience like Leadership and Sailing, or a full program experience like The Journey.

Suffolk has many leadership programs, such as Ram Academy, Washington D.C Exchange, LeadHERship, Leadership Winter Break, The Global Leadership Exchange, Leadership through F1 Racing, and many others.

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Students in the Journey program are eligible to attend signature off-campus leadership experiences and opportunities with their “cohort” of student leaders at the same Journey “level”, as well as one-off events offered by the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement.
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The Journey Leadership Program

The Journey is a four-year comprehensive leadership experience built on the cornerstones of Involvement, Service, Career Exploration, and Leadership.

Other Leadership Programs

Outside of our signature Journey Program events, the SLC provides a number of on-campus leadership opportunities for students of all levels to participate in throughout the academic year.

Leadership and Sailing Program at Suffolk University

Transcript 00:00 you ready oh yeah let's go
00:17 it's run through the journey their
00:19 leadership exploration club every time
00:22 that we go with the journey there's
00:23 always some kind of like hidden lesson
00:26 okay let's go back into the middle of
00:28 the harbor one of the things that it
00:30 will definitely teach me is how will I
00:32 work on a team and there's going to be
00:33 like you know on-the-fly decisions that
00:35 need to be made and how we're going to
00:36 do that as a team vena cava it's been a
00:40 great experience I like to challenge
00:42 myself just being exposed to different
00:44 things just let me know what I'm capable
00:46 of doing Suffolk has changed my life in
00:49 many ways academically professionally
00:51 they've given it's just taught me a lot
00:53 about myself I hope to build on my
00:56 leadership more and see how is it I'm
00:58 pretty she'll do great
01:08 you

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