Business School Alumni Board

The Sawyer Business School Alumni Board represents alumni of the Sawyer Business School programs. It provides a vital link between the University and our alumni. 

The board meets quarterly and consists of subcommittees that meet independently prior to each full board meeting to establish and plan programs for the Alumni Association. At the full board meetings, each chairperson reports on his/her committee’s activities.



Nick Vadala, BSBA ’82, MBA ’86

Vice President

Mike DiPietro, BSBA ’81


Angela Yarde, MPA ’13


Marc Bilotti, MSF ’05
Brendan Burke, EMBA ’05
Tina Cabral, MPA ’07
Victor Davidson, MBA ’13
Christine Diarbakerly, BSBA ’10, JD ’13
Suzanne Dube, EMBA ’07
Russell Dukett, BSBA ’11
Linda M. Jones, MBA ’02
Joseph Krause, EMBA ’13
Craig Lockwood, MSF ’98
Brian Miller, MHA ’16
Laura Piscopo, BA ’02, MPA ’14
William Simmons, MPA ’95
Maureen Stewart, BSBA ’81, MBA ’84
Brian Sullivan, MSA ’11
John D. Walsh, MBA ’91
Jeffrey Zipper, MBA ’88

Alumni Trustee

Susan Rugnetta, BSBA '81