Law GOLD Council

The Law GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Council is a committee of the Law Alumni Association Board of Directors. The Law GOLD Council’s mission is to harness the collective force and energy of Suffolk University Law School’s (SULS) most recent alumni and to create a platform to facilitate educational and professional growth, remain connected to our peers and to SULS, further develop our professional network, and to actively give back to the school.

The primary purpose of the Law GOLD Council is to:

  • Plan, organize, and attend events targeting recent graduates of SULS
  • Facilitate networking opportunities for the benefit of recent SULS graduates
  • Provide career focused opportunities, such as educational seminars and webinars
  • Raise funds to financially support SULS, with a particular focus on increasing the participation rate among graduates of SULS within the last ten years
  • Advance SULS by cultivating mutual support and networking between SULS, its alumni, and its students


Christopher J. Abbott, JD'12
Dara B. Factor, JD'18
Sammy S. Nabulsi, JD'14


Benjamin J. Eddington, JD'18


Patricia G. Burris, JD'20
Emma J. Days, JD'14
Neha Dhupar, JD’11
Isimemen T. Ehikhamhen, JD'19
Anthony J. Gesualdi, BA'09 JD'12
Connor J. Gilbert, JD'17
Robert J. Hartigan, JD'16
Julien M. Mundele, JD’15 MBA’15
Bishoi Sourial, JD'12
Ilenna J. Stein, JD’11
Alexander B. Stockdale, JD’14
Elizabeth B. Thedford, JD'11

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  • Network with fellow alumni
  • Share job opportunities
  • Learn about upcoming events and programs
  • Stay connected with your alma mater and fellow alumni

If you are interested in joining the GOLD Council or if you have any questions, email us.