For students looking to pursue the academic side of the law through prolonged research and writing, Suffolk Law offers a Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) degree. The equivalent of a PhD in other fields, an SJD is the most advanced law degree available and requires sustained academic excellence as well as the prior completion of a JD and LLM.

Suffolk Law's Doctor of Juridical Science is a rigorous academic program that challenges students to expand their thinking and push boundaries in the study of law. Students are supported by experienced practitioners and surrounded by real-world thought leaders in the field. Upon acceptance into the SJD program, students must complete an in-depth, publication-quality, dissertation which makes an original and creative contribution to legal literature to successfully complete their degree.

Further your studies, explore new ways of thinking, and reach your highest goals and aspirations in the field of law.

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Curriculum & Requirements

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SJD Rules & Regulations

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Suffolk Law Degree Programs

In addition to our JD program, Suffolk Law also offers advanced Masters and Doctorate degree options as well as a combined BA/JD and an accelerated MBA.

Juris Doctor (JD) Degree Program

Suffolk University Law School offers students the flexibility to earn a JD at their own pace with full-time, part-time evening, and accelerated JD programs. 


Classroom learning is essential for a complete legal education. However, at Suffolk we believe that's only a part of the equation—practice-ready lawyers get real-world experience while in school.

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