Suffolk Law’s Hybrid Online JD program is ideal for self-motivated students seeking more flexible schedules. Take all of your first-year classes in person in Boston, then study online from anywhere in the world.

In this program, you earn your JD with a mix of in-person and online classes while still graduating in the same time as traditional JD students. With both full-time and part-time evening options, you can take classes that fit your schedule. Students must earn a 3.0 GPA in their first year of law school to enroll in online classes.

Benefits of Hybrid Online JD

  • First-year curriculum is in person in Boston (30 credits/10 classes).
  • After your first year, HJD students can enroll in online classes or a mix of in-person and online for upper-level courses (54 credits).
  • Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in first-year courses or above to enroll in online classes.
  • Write-on to journals and law review, participate in student groups virtually, join a moot court competition team online.

HJD students are full members of the Suffolk Law community who can make use of all Suffolk University buildings, just as a traditional student. HJD students just have more flexibility if you choose not to be on campus.

Full-Time JD in Three Years

Graduate in three years as a full-time Hybrid JD student while having the same first-year experience as those in the traditional JD program. All of your 1L courses (30 credits/10 classes) will be held in-person to provide you the opportunity to meet classmates and professors and get involved with the Suffolk Law community. If you enroll in the full-time program, 1L classes will take place during the day for five days a week. The final two years of the degree (54 credits) can be completed fully remote, or a mix of in-person and online, so long as you earn a 3.0 GPA during your first year.

Part-time Evening JD in Four Years

Graduate in three and a half to four years as a part-time evening Hybrid JD student. Many of our students enrolled in the part-time evening program have a full-time job, a family to care for, or another obligation that prevents them from taking classes during the day. During your first year, in-person classes are held three nights per week after 6 p.m. First-year curriculum includes eight courses in person and two courses in person during the third semester (2L fall). The remainder of the degree can be completed fully remote, or a mix of in-person and online, so long as you earn a 3.0 GPA during your first-year curriculum classes.

What are Hybrid Law Classes Like?

HJD courses are designed to meld top-notch faculty with the best practices for distance education. Suffolk Law is specifically designing courses for the HJD to use best practices for distance learning. Some courses are best organized as a lecture-based approached. Other courses will utilize all the bells and whistles of virtual platforms. The point is that we’re doing this thoughtfully and with sensitivity to the opportunity to use technology to deliver added value. While instructors’ styles may vary, students can expect dynamic, interactive learning opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I switch from the traditional JD at Suffolk Law to the HJD? Yes, if space permits traditional JD students may be admitted to the HJD as second-year students in fall 2022. Students seeking to switch to the hJD must have a 3.0 GPA or higher in their first year courses. Information on how to apply will be provided in early spring.
  • Can I apply as a transfer student? Yes, if space permits transfer students may be admitted to the Hybrid Online JD Program as second-year students in fall 2022. Transfer students must have exceptional credentials, and have a 3.0 GPA or higher in their first year courses. Priority will be given to current Suffolk Law students.
  • Will it take me longer to graduate in this program? No. Graduate in three years in the full-time program or four years in the part-time program, in same time as traditional JD students. That means you start with your class and graduate with your class.
  • Can I still take in-person classes after my 1L year? Yes. You can come to campus as much or as little as you want after your 1L year. Hybrid-remote classes include synchronous (live) instruction from Suffolk Law’s world-class faculty.
  • Will I be able to network? Yes. Meet and network with classmates and faculty during your in-person 1L year. You’ll also have the freedom to attend in-person networking events, if you desire.
  • How can I be involved? Participate in student groups, student government, competition teams and clinics.
  • Do I get the same academic perks as traditional students? Yes. You will have access to all law school support services, including career services, bar prep, and academic support, both online and in-person.
  • Can I earn credits in other ways? Yes. Get practical experience and earn credit for externships in Boston or around the globe.
  • What can I do on campus? Spend time in the law library and cafeteria, reserve study rooms, apply to be a faculty assistant, attend student group meetings, network with alumni, meet with faculty, administrators and classmates.
  • Can I take the bar exam in any state with the Hybrid Online JD Program? The Hybrid Online JD Program satisfies ABA Standards. Be sure to check with the jurisdictions where you plan to seek admission to the bar to ensure your eligibility.

Check out the Hybrid Online JD FAQ page for more details.

Apply Now

Hybrid JD applicants should submit the same application and follow the same steps to apply as traditional JD applicants. On, select the "Fall-First Time" application; then, under the degree program options (Question 3), select "Hybrid Online JD."

Due to the intensity of the program, admission is highly selective and enrollment is limited to 25 students. If you are ready for a program that offers you the academic rigor and real-world experience you'll need to succeed with the flexibility to live or work away from campus after the first year, apply today.

Space is limited so we strongly recommend applications be submitted before February 1.

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