Our community’s success is greater when we appreciate diverse perspectives, values, identities, and lived experiences.

Suffolk Law is driven by ongoing efforts to center diversity, equity, and inclusion in every way possible, and by a foundational tenet of advocating for acceptance and systemic transformation. At Suffolk Law, diversity, equity, and inclusion are not mere aspirational concepts. Rather, they are meaningful endeavors to commit university standards to substantive systemic and institutional change.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical components of Suffolk Law’s ongoing efforts to not only enhance diversity in all forms, but to equalize access and opportunity for those who have been historically underrepresented and institutionally underserved so that all have the capacity to reach the heights of their ambitions.

Efforts towards substantive diversity and heightened access is in action at Suffolk Law, in every sphere of the institution. Increasing access to legal education is a foundational mission of Suffolk University Law School—one that continues to this day. It is embodied in:

  • Guaranteed scholarships for graduates of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs)
  • Student-led affinity groups
  • A curricular focus on social justice, civil rights, and human rights
  • Opportunities for high school students from Boston, Chelsea, and Cambridge to become inspired to join the law in our student-led constitutional law classes and moot court competition
  • Collaborations between Wampanoag tribe members and our clinic students to rewrite tribal law
  • An intention to have our clinical students act as architects of accessibility, providing 16,000 hours of pro bono work each year to low-income clients
  • Our students and faculty collaborating and coming together at campus events, student programs, public gatherings, and academic symposia that bring diversity, equity, and inclusion into the dialogue of our community

At Suffolk Law, we are committed to preparing successful legal professionals who are socially and culturally conscious, and who understand the value of increasing diversity in all ways, working towards more equitable opportunities and potentials for achievements, and pursuing efforts that foster inclusivity.

The Legal Education Alternate Admission Program (LEAAP)

The Legal Education Alternate Admission Program (LEAAP) is Suffolk Law’s performance-based admission program for applicants who show potential for law school academic success but whose standardized test scores are below the median LSAT for the entering class. LEAAP participants who satisfactorily demonstrate that they are capable of succeeding in law school and on the bar exam are offered admission to the traditional JD program.
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