Study Abroad

Stamp your academic passport

At Suffolk, all students in all majors have the opportunity to study abroad. Choose from approved programs in 30 different countries on six continents. Spend a week, a summer, a semester, or even a whole year expanding your academic, personal, and professional horizons. Not sold yet? Consider these benefits:


You’re going to learn a lot, both inside and far beyond the classroom. Just applying to study abroad requires that you take a close look at your academic progress and may even increase the likelihood of an on-time graduation. Once abroad, you’ll discover new ways of learning and teaching, gain a firsthand understanding of the higher education system of another country, and engage in challenging coursework and rewarding hands-on learning experiences such as internships, service learning, and field-based research. Suffolk’s study abroad and academic advisors will provide you with personalized support and advising before, during, and after your international experience.


You’re going to change and grow as a human being. Not only will you gain a greater understanding of other peoples and cultures, you are also likely to develop increased self-awareness and a better sense of your place in the world. An immersive study abroad experience can result in greater adaptability, independence, self-confidence, and maturity, too.


You’re going to stand out from the crowd. Nationally, only about 10% of American undergraduate students participate in any kind of credit-bearing study abroad prior to graduation. By approaching your study abroad experience with intention and purpose, you may be setting yourself up for a brighter professional future. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) even lists global/intercultural fluency as a core competency for career readiness.


You have the potential to make the world a better place. When you study abroad, you’ll become an ambassador for your home culture, country, and for Suffolk University—you’ll be a true student diplomat. Each interaction you have with a local is an opportunity to change hearts and minds and to improve international relations.

Study Abroad FAQs

Yes. Pending health and safety conditions, you will have the opportunity to study abroad at the Suffolk University Madrid Campus or to choose from a selection of additional programs. Summer and Fall 2021 approved locations, programs, and opportunities will be available in late January 2021. Please email the Study Abroad Office if you have any questions and check the Study Abroad page for updates.

We will need to withdraw your application for the current cycle, but all application records are saved in our system. You will need to let us know when you’d like to apply again, and we can reactivate your old application and move it to the new term.

Yes, at this time we are planning to offer a variety of short-term virtual and / or in-person travel opportunities for graduate students during the Spring 2021 semester. Please be advised that the earliest we anticipate students being permitted to engage in traditional, short-term international travel will be May 2021. Even then, current health and safety conditions will dictate whether this is possible. Please monitor your email for updates and contact the Study Abroad Office with any questions.