Study Abroad Eligibility

In order to successfully study abroad and be prepared to go, all students must meet the following eligibility requirements. Please read everything carefully to ensure nothing is missed that may affect your study abroad application process.

Study Abroad Appointment

All students are required to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor no more than ten months or at least one business week prior to the application deadline. This meeting must be about your specific program, not general study abroad. Your Study Abroad Advisor will tell you at the end of the meeting if you are approved to move onto the course selection and application process.

Appointments are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor earlier in the process. During this meeting, the advisor will review the options the student is interested in and discuss logistics, finances, and begin course planning.

Make an appointment with a Study Abroad advisor—we’ll work together to answer your questions and support you through the whole process.

Academic Advisor Approval

All students interested in studying abroad must have the courses they wish to take at the host institution approved by an undergraduate academic advisor to ensure the courses taken abroad will come back as Suffolk credit. This meeting must happen the semester immediately before the semester the student is hoping to study abroad (i.e. meet in the spring to have courses approved for the fall semester, meet in the fall to have courses approved for the spring semester).

The process of getting courses approved can take time so students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor well before the application deadline. The course selection process will serve as academic approval and is needed to hit submit on the study abroad application.

A student meets with an advisor, both sitting at a desk and the student points to a piece of paper on the desktop.


All students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher at the time of the application to meet Suffolk requirements. Some programs require students to have a higher GPA than a 2.5. It is your responsibility to meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss and understand all GPA requirements for your specific program.

Student Holds

Students cannot have holds of any kinds on their accounts. This includes but it not limited to financial, judiciary, health, incompletes, and more.


All students must pass the judiciary clearance by student affairs prior to going abroad. If a student does not pass this, they will hear from student affairs regarding their application status. Breaking Suffolk’s code of conduct is grounds for an application acceptance to be rescinded at any time.


In order to be registered to go abroad, students must not have any financial holds on their account. All bills must be paid up to date.


Prior to departure, all incompletes must be resolved. Going abroad with an incomplete is ground for an application acceptance to be rescinded.

Class Standing

Only sophomores and juniors are eligible to participate in semester-long study abroad programs.

Students of every year are encouraged to participate in the Academic Travel Seminars.

Application Deadline

Fall/Summer/Academic Year – March 15
Spring/Academic Travel Seminar – October 15

*Please note that the deadline date is for the application but several meetings must happen in a timely manner prior to this meeting.

If you are a current student abroad and wish to request an extension to study abroad in your current location for the following semester, you must follow the established study abroad application deadlines. Extensions are not automatically granted, as all students are held to the same review and decision process.

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