Suffolk Master's degrees, our powerful dual degrees, graduate certificates, and online programs give our graduates a level of professional expertise that extends not only within their chosen fields of study, but in countries and cultures around the world. Many of our students have have risen to prominent high-level positions where they have been able to influence, guide, and promote international perspectives in science, business, economics, and politics.

Master of Arts in Global Public Policy

Suffolk’s Master’s in Global Public Policy (MAGPP) program is focused on the in-depth understanding of international relations—institutions, regulation, diplomacy, and governance—across cultural and geographic borders in order to prepare you for careers in international affairs. Our location in the center of a truly international city, combined with our extensive alumni network, enables you to broaden your professional connections, expand your network, and take the next step to advance your career.

Graduate Travel Seminar

Travel to international business hubs around the world and learn from the industry leaders driving change.

Master of Science in Marketing (MSM)

Suffolk's innovative, STEM-designated Master’s in Marketing has been specifically designed to combine foundational marketing principles with emerging industry trends. With courses focused on marketing analytics, research methods, and practical hands-on learning through client consulting projects, our MSM program is ideal for those seeking roles in customer insights, digital marketing, and strategic marketing management.

Global Focus

Whichever program you choose in the Sawyer Business School, you’ll learn how to adapt to unique economic, cultural, political, and legal environments, and discover how business practices differ among nations. That global focus is key to a Suffolk business education.