Graduate Travel Seminars

Spring travel seminars are offered to graduate students, with priority being given to students graduating in May of 2021.

For more information, or to ask any additional questions beyond what is found on this page, please email us.

Spring 2021 Seminars

Location: London

Time: May 7-15, 2021

Professors: Rick Gregg & Amy MacNulty

Seminar Fee (in-person): $3,550

Seminar Fee (virtual): $825

Confirmation Deposit (due January 26, 2021): $500

England has a nationalized healthcare system and is an international leader in care delivery. With this Global Travel Seminar, you'll study the English healthcare system and explore ways to improve the U.S. system.

What to Expect

  • Learn about government ownership of healthcare delivery organizations, near-universal insurance coverage, allocation of resources, and recent reform efforts
  • Visit healthcare-delivery organizations and meet healthcare providers, policy makers, and managers in London
  • Examine quality improvement and cost containment initiatives
  • Understand how the English healthcare system compares to the U.S. healthcare system

Business in Brazil

Location: Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro

Time: May 7th-15th, 2021

Professor: Carlos Rufin

Seminar Fee (in-person): $3,000

Seminar Fee (virtual): TBD

Confirmation Deposit (due January 26, 2021): $500

Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America, one of the ten largest economies in the world, and one of the world’s four major emerging economies. In recent years, Brazil has enjoyed high rates of economic growth combined with unprecedented political and economic stability and reductions in inequality, all of which are leading to rapid expansion of the middle class, high flows of foreign investment, and positive publicity abroad. At the same time, Brazil struggles with unequal income distribution, high levels of corruption, poor infrastructure, major environmental protection challenges, and low-quality public services despite high taxes.

What to Expect

  • Understand the complexity of the dynamic market, its unique culture and opportunities, and pitfalls it presents
  • Examine how European colonization and the plantation system left a profound impact on Brazil’s economy, society, and institutions.
  • Look at successful businesses in Brazil, from small entrepreneurial companies to multinational corporations, and different business activities from marketing to supply chain management.
  • Study the social dimensions in Brazil and the different challenges it creates 
  • Visit with experts in the local economy
  • Visit historical and cultural landmarks such as Christ the Redeemer, cable car to Sugar Loaf, Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro city tours

Location: Shenzhen & Beijing

Time: January 15th-24th, 2021

Professor: Ming Cheng

Seminar Fee (virtual): $500

Confirmation Deposit: $250

If you want to be successful in global business, you need to be successful in China. That’s because China is arguably the most important market in the world today. It is the largest market in terms of size, the third largest in terms of economic strength, and the fastest growing, with rates at over 9% annually for the past 10 years. China is the engine of growth for many MNCs and considered the future in terms of growth opportunities.

What to Expect

  • Examine China’s dynamic economy and its competitive advantages
  • Understand the development of the economy, leading companies and industries, social, cultural and historical influence on business practices and decisions
  • Analyze the transition from a centrally planned economy to a market oriented economy
  • Interact with management executives through site visits to major domestic and global corporations and agencies
  • Gain valuable experience collaborating virtually with international business experts

Location: Singapore

Time: May 7-15, 2021

Professors: Jodi Detjen and Kim Wang

Seminar Fee (in-person): $3,350

Seminar Fee (virtual): $710

Confirmation Deposit (due January 26, 2021): $500

Singapore is the world’s most innovative financial center – surpassing London and Hong Kong in some eyes. It’s a unique convergence of East and West. Learn how Singapore has taken advantage of both perspectives to create a culture and economy that thrives globally.

What to Expect

  • Identify how Singapore has created the Best Business Environment in Asia Pacific (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2019)
  • Build a working knowledge of how proximity to various developing economies, the China powerhouse, and leveraging the English speaking and educational skills its people, enables Singapore to be #2 in the world in Economic Freedom (Heritage Foundation, 2018)
  • Participate in live-case studies allowing for an intense interactive learning experience

Location: Virtual

Time: March 16th-April 27th

Professors: Jodi Detjen

This fully online Experiential Intensive course provides an opportunity for students to deepen their MBA skillset using an intensive hands-on experience. The highly experiential intensive course can be taken in place of an in-person or virtual travel seminar and combines classroom learning with a direct business experience. Students will work in teams solving real challenges using their analytical skills MBA knowledge and experience to develop feasible solutions.