Academic Microcredentials

High-quality credentials on your schedule.

Upskill without slowing down.

Education doesn’t have to be an interruption. Focus on the courses that’ll take your career further and learn in a way that fits your busy lifestyle with Suffolk University’s all-new three-credit academic microcredentials.

These short, stackable courses can help you deepen your knowledge or expand your skillset to boost your career and stand out in the job market.

Choose from over 90 cutting-edge courses in five key learning areas.

  • Healthcare, Government, and Nonprofit
  • Business Analysis and Reporting
  • Marketing
  • People Management
  • Data Analytics and Business

Benefits of earning an Academic Microcredential

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Stay current on the latest trends, technologies, and skills in your field or industry through our experiential curriculum.


Microcredentials work on your timeline, not the other way around. These short, flexible 7- to 14-week courses easily adapt to your schedule.


Earn a high-quality credential with real market value, taught by our world-class faculty and backed by an AACSB-, NASPAA-, and CAHME-accredited graduate business school.


After completing an academic microcredential, you’ll receive a digital badge – an easy and effective way to display your achievement.

Why stop at one?

Our academic microcredentials can stack towards a graduate certificate or even an advanced degree—either directly after completion or in the future. 

Diagram illustrating the stackable nature of microcredentials into certificates; and certificates into degree programs.  Microcredentials: You are here. Stop at one or stack to a certificate.  Certificate: Our graduate certificates can enhance your professional profile to stay competitive in today’s job market. Stop at one or stack to a graduate degree.  Degree Program: Full-time, part-time, hybrid, and dual-degree options available. Learn at the only US business school to hold accreditations from AACSB, NASPAA, and CAHME.

Find an Academic Microcredential at Suffolk

Course Number Course Name

Healthcare Management & Leadership 

HLTH-705 Health Systems I: Healthcare in the U.S.
HLTH-740 Healthcare Management and Human Resources
HLTH-820 Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Change in Healthcare

Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety

HLTH-730 Healthcare Operations Management and Performance Improvement
HLTH-810 Quality, Patient Safety, and Patient Experience
HLTH-855 Advanced Quality, Patient Safety, and Performance Improvement

Healthcare Analytics

HLTH 707 Evidence Based Healthcare Management
HLTH 805 Big Data Strategies for Health and Healthcare
ISOM 801  Solving Business Problems using Advanced Excel
ISOM 835 Predictive Analytics
ISOM 845 Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Storytelling 

Nonprofit Management

P.AD-815 Nonprofit Management
P.AD-819 Grant Writing and Management
P.AD-847 Nonprofit Financial Management 
P.AD-848 Nonprofit Law and Ethics
P.AD-849 Revenue Strategies for Nonprofits

State & Local Government

P.AD-817 Administrative Strategies of State and Local Government
P.AD-810 Public Sector Admin Law
P.AD-814 Collaborative Public Management
P.AD-819 Grant Writing and Management
P.AD-827 Financing State & Local Government
P.AD-828 Public Service Communication
P.AD-831 Civic Innovation and Citizen Engagement
P.AD-838 Ethics in Public Service
P.AD-839 Leadership and Decision Making in Action
P.AD-842 Workplace and Labor Law

Public Management and Leadership

P.AD-711 Foundations of Public Service and Administration
P.AD-716 Public Service Human Resource Management 
P.AD-717 Organizational Change
P.AD-718 Leadership Strategies for an Interconnected World

Public and Nonprofit Performance Management

P.AD-863 Introduction to Performance Improvement Strategies
P.AD-864 Performance Measure Capacities
P.AD-865 Relating Performance to Stakeholders
P.AD-866 Connecting Measurement to Performance Improvement