Undergraduate Travel Seminars

We are excited to announce our SBS short-term program opportunity for undergraduate students in the spring of 2022!

SIB 550: Made in Italy: Food, Fashion, Florence (and Beyond!)
Traveling to Italy March Break 2022

  • Professors: Katrina Graham and Robert Smith
  • Application Deadline: November 8th, 2021
  • Dates: March Break 2022
  • Approximate Cost: $3,500 (mandatory COVID testing included)*
    • *Prices vary based on student enrollment
  • Approximate Flight Cost: $800

Any students in the Global Business Major looking for opportunities that satisfy the travel requirement outside of these seminars or a semester abroad should contact the Undergraduate Programs Office at 617-573-8345 or the Center for International Programs and Services at 617-573-8034 with questions. Please email us to ask any additional questions beyond what is found on this page or for additional information. Contact the Undergraduate Programs Office at 617-573-8345 to see how a Global Travel Seminar fits into your program of study. Global Seminars satisfy the Travel Requirement for the Global Business Major.

“In one week, I learned how to be a successful business person. There is a large part of me that wishes the week never ended. I formed relationships with incredible people and gained so much knowledge in such a short time. Going forward, I know I will reference the lessons learned from this incredible experience, and this will definitely remain a highlight of my young adult years"
Adrianna Garrett BSBA 2015