Travel Seminars

Are you ready to work alongside senior-level executives from all over the world?

Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, enrolling in a three-credit Global Travel Seminar is a chance to spend seven to ten days immersed in global business building your resume and extending your network internationally.

2022 Travel Seminar to Madrid

Benefits of a Travel Seminar

  • Connects classroom learning with real-world experience
  • Firsthand exposure to international business issues and concepts
  • Network with students, faculty, and global business leaders
  • Adds a line to your resume that helps you stand out
  • Experience with a new culture
  • Applicable to both your education and your career

Important Notes

  • Please note that registration priority will go to those students who need the seminars in order to graduate on time
  • Limited seats are available and are on a first-come, first-served basis (excluding priority graduation requirements)
  • Registration will remain open until class is full

Explore Your Options

Undergraduate Students

Any students in the Global Business Major that are looking for opportunities that satisfy the travel requirement should contact either the Undergraduate Programs Office at 617-573-8345 or the Center for International Programs and Services at 617-573-8034 for more information.

Graduate Students

Whether it’s on-site or virtual this experience will stand out on your resume, letting potential employers know that you’re ready to take on global opportunities and challenges in a business setting. The Travel Seminar is a required course for MBA students, but can be taken as an elective in many other programs.

Each undergraduate and graduate Global Travel Seminar is uniquely crafted by the faculty leader—so no two are exactly alike—and counts as a three-credit international business course. As part of the academic requirement, you’ll participate in three pre-travel class sessions and one post-travel class session.

Pre-travel Class Sessions

Before the trip, you’ll have three class sessions with your faculty advisor, where you’ll discuss your site visits and learn about:

  • The destination’s economy and its competitive position in the global marketplace
  • The political, social, and cultural environment
  • Current business issues within the destination
  • The unique cultural aspects of doing business in the destination

Post-travel Class Session

In the last class session, you’ll present your main seminar project. The final project, determined by your faculty leader, could be a paper, presentation, or group assignment.

Experiencing global business firsthand is a key component of the seminar. You’ll spend seven to ten days engaged in a series of field visits and cultural activities designed to immerse you in the business culture of a destination. If you choose to enroll in a virtual travel seminar, you’ll engage remotely in these same activities and gain valuable experience in remote global collaboration.

Field Visits

You’ll visit a variety of businesses, ranging from the headquarters of large, multinational corporations to small, entrepreneurial firms. Other potential visits could be to local institutions, such as stock exchanges or regulatory authorities, or you could meet with government leaders or academic experts.

Our students have visited companies, such as 3M, the Bank of England, Bayer, BMW, Bombay Stock Exchange, Bovespa, Citigroup, Coca Cola, Embraer, GE Financial Services, Lenovo, Lloyd’s of London, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Natura, State Street Global Markets, TV Globo, Volkswagen, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and Zambon.

Cultural Activities

Understanding the local culture is an important element of the Travel Seminar and essential for success. You'll experience a variety of cultural activities, including sightseeing and city tours, visits to museums and historical landmarks, theater performances, and group dinners featuring authentic cuisine. You’ll even have some free time to explore on your own.

There are three cost components for most Travel Seminars:

  1. Tuition for three credits
  2. Flight (exceptions may apply)
  3. Seminar fee, which includes:
  • $35 application fee
  • Hotel accommodations based on double occupancy
  • Ground transportation within destination
  • English-speaking tour guide
  • Cultural activities
  • Business programming
  • Some meals, including welcome reception and farewell dinner
  • $160 comprehensive health insurance and emergency assistance
    • Where applicable, this will appear as a separate line on your bill

Learn more about seminar fees for Graduate Travel Seminars
Learn more about seminar fees for Undergraduate Travel Seminars

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"I'll never forget our trip to London. It wasn't, 'Let's go on vacation.' We met a lot of people and learned a lot that I'm able to use directly in my classes."
Shannon Healey MHA Class of 2023