Mara Marzocchi

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Managing Associate Director of Graduate Admission/Operations Manager


Suffolk University Alumna

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Mara came to Suffolk in 2005 as the latest step in a varied career. Originally from Pennsylvania, Mara completed her Bachelor of Science in Archaeology at Boston University, MBA from University of Phoenix, and graduated from the Master of Science in International Economics program from Suffolk University. She wears a lot of hats, jumping from meeting with prospective or incoming students in the office or on the road to managing operations within the admission office.

Advice to Applicants

"Read directions. Even though schools have pretty similar directions across programs and programs have pretty similar directions across schools, it is always important to read the directions for that program, and that school.

"Also, stay in touch with your references - make sure they know what program you're applying to, what the features of that program are, and when they need to have their references in. Keep an eye on your applicant portal to see when we've received your letters, and touch base with your references before and after they're marked off with the green check mark. Also, it never hurts to tell them 'thank you.'"