Destination: Suffolk

Suffolk University will empower you to change our world for the better. Get ready to learn amid all the excitement—and life-changing opportunities—of downtown Boston.

Your Suffolk education really will be all about you. We’ll help you find or follow your passions and offer the engaging experiential learning opportunities you’ll need to have a successful career doing what you love. 

Suffolk student takes a photo during the Involvement Fair on Roemer Plaza.

Plus, you’ll grow into who you’re meant to be in a city jam-packed with the best in entertainment, sports, food, and culture. Come learn your way around Boston, your field of study, your professional path forward, and what it takes to successfully adult. 

You’ll become more global-minded, too. You have your pick of 50+ study abroad programs and here in Boston, your international classmates will share a world of fresh perspectives, too. 

However you define yourself and whatever you choose to do, your voice will be valued in class and on campus. Suffolk students actively listen to each other’s diverse perspectives and learn from them. And everyone’s welcome.

Suffolk students pose for a photo in Graffiti Alley in Cambridge.

Your Suffolk story’s just about to begin. Go ahead and take your next steps!  

Scholarships & Financial Aid

We believe a quality education should be available to every student, so we offer a broad range of financial aid solutions including scholarships and grantsloans, and work-study opportunities, including both merit- and need-based aid to eligible students. 

  • We automatically consider applicants for merit-based scholarships, which can be found in your acceptance letter.
  • Need-based aid is awarded in the weeks following your merit-based award. To apply for need-based aid, make sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the recommended filing dates using our school code, 002218.
  • Last year, our average financial aid award was $25,313.
  • Overall, Suffolk granted $89 million in undergraduate financial aid to our students last year.
  • We proudly offer a $1,000 scholarship specifically for qualified incoming first-generation students enrolling in college for the first time. This award is in addition to any other merit- or need-based aid received.
  • Internships are an integral part to students' growth and future careers! That's why the Center for Career Equity, Development & Success now offers stipends of up to $3500 to support students participating in non-paying summer internships.

For more information, you can visit the Student Financial Services page, where you can also schedule an appointment with your counselor.

You're Going to Do Amazing Things Here

Your Life on Campus

Suffolk student Morgan performs with the Rampage Show Choir.

Get ready to hear “Get involved.” A lot. Joining our student organizations and, well, getting involved in them really is the best way to connect with Suffolk and cool peers, and become the confident leader you’re meant to be.

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Your City: Boston

Suffolk student Hunter poses for a portrait by the Zakim Bridge in Boston.

Downtown Boston is so much more than a ZIP code. It’s where you and your fellow Rams will live, master your fields of study, pursue career-making internships, and find inspiration all around.   

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Your Global Gateway

Suffolk student Mohammed poses for a portrait in the North End of Boston.

What do you say to a culture-packed spring break in Spain? If you answered, “¡Si, por favor!” stamp your academic passport on this weeklong trip. You’ll get to know Madrid plus new friends who share your zeal for global discoveries.

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Your First-Year Courses

Suffolk students work on a project in the newly-opened X-Lab.

Whether you’re in the College of Arts & Sciences or the Sawyer Business School, your first Suffolk courses will teach you how to excel in class, on campus, and in life. You can dive into subjects you love and discover brand-new academic interests with our supportive faculty mentors. 

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Student walking forward down stairs.

Suffolk University: All Directions Forward


1 00:00:01,000 —> 00:00:05,000 There’s never been a better time to get some good news.

2 00:00:05,000 —> 00:00:07,000 And here’s the best:

3 00:00:07,000 —> 00:00:09,000 Suffolk said yes!

4 00:00:011,000 —> 00:00:13,000 Suddenly, your future is taking shape.

5 00:00:14,000 —> 00:00:18,000 In a changing world, there’s a whole new you waiting to be created.

6 00:00:19,000 —> 00:00:24,000 You might look downtown for inspiration - right outside your residence hall’s door.

7 00:00:24,000 —> 00:00:30,000 Helping local businesses and international firms adapt to a changing world.

8 00:00:31,000 —> 00:00:33,000 Perhaps you’ll head out to our Madrid campus

9 00:00:33,000 —> 00:00:38,000 to dive into your education on a global stage and explore the world.

10 00:00:40,000 —> 00:00:43,000 Maybe your drive will take you up to an internship with a view

11 00:00:043,000 —> 00:00:47,000 And hands-on experience working on high-profile cases.

12 00:00:48,000 —> 00:00:51,000 And all around you’ll find your purpose

13 00:00:51,000 —> 00:00:55,000 Perhaps by applying cutting-edge science to solve pressing environmental issues.

14 00:00:56,000 —> 00:01:00,000 Whichever way your curiosity takes you you’ll always have support.

15 00:01:00,000 —> 00:01:03,000 Your faculty mentors will guide you on your journey.

16 00:01:04,000 —> 00:01:07,000 Because at Suffolk we’re more than a university.

17 00:01:07,000 —> 00:01:12,000 We’re a community of critical thinkers, action-takers, and leaders with purpose.

18 00:01:12,000 —> 00:01:15,000 The skills you’ll gain while crafting your college experience

19 00:01:15,000 —> 00:01:20,000 Will be the ones that help you stand out in the workforce of tomorrow.

20 00:01:21,000 —> 00:01:25,000 No matter which direction you choose you’ll become who you’re meant to be.

21 00:01:25,000 —> 00:01:27,000 Welcome to Suffolk.


Find Yourself At Suffolk

At Suffolk University you'll find opportunities to expand your studies into real-world experiences. Explore our Lookbook [PDF] to preview where your Suffolk journey might take you. And get all the information you need to help you navigate next steps and keep track of important dates with our new student timeline [PDF].

You have big aspirations—we’re here to help make them real

It's never too early to start thinking ahead. The Center for Career Equity, Development and Success provides the skills and resources you’ll need to take your ambitions beyond graduation into the working world. Our expert staff will help you choose your major, find internships, apply to graduate programs, and land the perfect job. And they’ll be in your corner throughout your career, offering consulting and job search services whenever you need them. 

Your journey as an honors student is just the beginning

Suffolk offers courses especially for honors students like you. Honors advisors will help you build your course schedule; and thanks to priority registration, you’ll be ahead of your class when it comes to getting into the courses you want to take most.

Learn more about how Suffolk's Honors program [PDF] encourages you to think outside the box.

Launch Point: Boston

Suffolk student using a virtual reality headset. 

Suffolk Experience

Experiential education and transformative experiences are only the beginning of your journey at Suffolk University.

Suffolk student Karine Kanj poses for a portrait on Boston Common in autumn. 

Suffolk Story

Our students and alumni look back proudly at what they've accomplished on campus and beyond, and are ready for what's next.

The Boston skyline as seen from the Longfellow Bridge. 

Our Campus

The hustle and bustle, the sights and sounds, the city of Boston right at your doorstep as a Suffolk student.