Our Story

When it comes to strong and enduring ties to the local community, few institutions can match Suffolk University's Moakley Center for Public Management. The Moakley Center has been working with local and regional public agencies and nonprofit organizations for over 45 years, providing education, training, and research opportunities for public servants and community leaders.

The history of the Moakley Center goes back to 1973 when the New England Commission provided funding to Suffolk University to develop programs to help the public service workforce do their work more efficiently and effectively. Initially, the focus was academic, resulting in the rollout of the Masters in Public Administration in 1975.

In the 1990s the Center of Public Management—later named after the late Congressman Joe Moakley—recognized the need to go beyond the classroom, and developed into a self-sustaining organization within the Sawyer Business School reflecting the goals of Congressman Moakley.

Today, the Moakley Center’s mission is to bridge the resources of academia with the needs of the community.

Its priorities are to:

  • Build human capital in the public service arena
  • Promote dialogue on important public policy issues
  • Support and advise community organizations in meeting their service missions

To learn more about the Moakley Center and our accomplishments, view our annual report [PDF].